Second Chances Thrift Store

Second Chances Thrift Store is located at 210 Loudermilk Lane in Demorest, Georgia. The store supports the Freedom Hill Recovery Home for Women. (

The Savvy Picker travels around the Southeast looking for vintage merchandise to stock her brick-and-mortar and online shops. This spring, she visited the North Georgia Mountains again and stopped in at the Second Chances Thrift Store. Keep reading to check out her hauls and pick up a few tricks of the trade. 

Second Chances Thrift Store in Demorest, Georgia, is a little off the beaten path, but the Savvy Picker was alerted to it through the Now Habersham Facebook page after asking for suggestions for thrift and antique stores in North Georgia.

She’s so glad someone suggested it!


It is worth noting that if it happens to be raining when you go here, you may find the front doors closed, which makes the building look like it’s not open for business. Luckily, the Savvy Picker took a chance, walked through the rain, and discovered that although it was dreary outside, it was sunny and welcoming inside.

The week she passed through North Georgia was the same week as the grand reopening of this store, so everyone working there was in a cheery mood, and the shelves were loaded with merchandise. The only downside was the good folks who run the place were so busy re-opening that they hadn’t had time to put price tags on everything yet. But that’s okay! Moving in is hard work, so they get a pass on this!

One of the first things I picked up here was a vintage Asian basket. Unfortunately, it was one of those items without a price tag. When I inquired about it, they noticed a “Made in Occupied Japan” tag on the bottom. Several phone calls later, they quoted me a $24 price.

In my market, I probably wouldn’t be able to sell that little basket for more than $14, so I passed on that item and kept looking. There were plenty of other things to choose from.

Check out all of the cobalt blue! (

I was delighted to find a set of ten French Aroroc plates in cobalt blue for just a few dollars, as well as a few other cobalt pieces, including a little blown glass pitcher that I purchased for a dollar and sold for $14 the same day I put it in my shop. Cobalt blue glass is one of those things that just flies off the shelf.

I also found some nice Asian pieces like this Chinese Rice Grain teapot for $4 that I will sell for $18, and this lovely vase and blue and white plate, both made in Japan.


My largest score (in size) was an extra tall reproduction brass rubbing! I’ve seen these before, but usually, they are brass-colored, often on dark paper. I love the black-and-white aesthetic and the little dog at her feet. She is quite a statement piece, and I was able to pick her up for just $20! Like the cobalt pitcher, someone snapped her up shortly after I changed her price to $65 and put her in the shop. Whoopeeeeeeeeeeee!

Because I’m planning a Mid-Century Modern Display for this summer, another great find for me was the MCM metal record cart I picked up for just $16. Other bargains included a set of crystal salt cellars that still had their made in West Germany gold foil tags intact, an antique restaurant creamer, a retro ceramic vase, a blown glass penguin, some great books, and so much other stuff that it took two ladies to help wrap it all, and even more folks to help me carry it out to my car. Best of all, since it was Grand Opening week, everything was 20% off! Cha-ching!


I drove away with a load of bargains, and I encourage everyone who can visit this shop to stop in. It funds a wonderful cause in the Freedom Hill Recovery Home for Women, and even without a grand-opening discount, there is an abundance of great deals here that are just waiting to be scored.

For more information or to find out about the latest discounts and deals, visit Second Chances Thrift Store on Facebook or in person at 210 Loudermilk Lane, Demorest, Georgia.

TSP Takeaway

Who should visit: Folks who like LOTS of great deals.

Score of the day: Brass Rubbing Reproduction

Predicted profit on Brass Rubbing: $49

Re-seller takeaway: Follow their Facebook page where they post sales, and visit on those days.

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