Life in Motion: Keepin’ it peachy clean

David Rodriguez (left) and Baldwin Fire Chief Joe Roy plant a tree in Downtown City Park as Public Works Director Scott Barnhart steadies the roots into the ground. (John Dills/City of Baldwin)

“After 25 years of Baldwin Clean-up Day, we are proud to say we are still Keepin’ it Peachy Clean.”

That’s the message Baldwin shared on social media after another successful annual clean-up day this past weekend. This event is held annually in conjunction with Earth Day.

On Saturday, April 20, Baldwin’s mayor and council worked alongside city employees and residents, picking up the litter others left behind. They cleaned up roadsides and public spaces, such as the Farmers’ Market and Downtown City Park, and planted a few trees.

“The week prior is Clean-Up Week, where our Public Works staff pick up larger items that residents want to dispose of,” explains Baldwin Mayor Stephanie Almagno. “This year, we received a variety of items, including broken children’s toys, tires, a refrigerator, and scrap metals. All of this is in an effort to keep our city clean and to help our residents who might not have the ability to dispose of large items.”

While this annual event focuses on clean-up, it is primarily about community – taking care of and taking pride in the place people call home.

“It’s events like these where residents and friends of Baldwin share hometown pride. Organized by the Baldwin Events Committee and run by the Public Works department, Clean Up Day saw a record-breaking turnout,” says Mayor Almagno. “We hope that this annual event reminds everyone who comes to Baldwin that we are a community that truly cares for each other and our environment.”

Fostering that sense of community pride, each year, the city asks Baldwin Elementary School students to submit artwork for the annual volunteer t-shirt to go along with the event theme, “Keepin’ it Peachy Clean.”

This year’s winners are as follows:
First Place: Leanna Wiseman (5th grade)
Second place: Adalynn Sheffield (4th grade)
Third place: Samantha Jimenez



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