Salvation Army Family Store

The Salvation Army Family Store is located at 692 Big A Road in Toccoa, Georgia. (

The Salvation Army Family Store in Toccoa, Georgia, is a spacious shop in an easily accessible strip mall with plenty of parking, so it makes for a quick and convenient shopping experience. Add wide aisles, loads of merchandise, and helpful, friendly staff and you can’t go wrong adding this store to your must-stop-in list!

Wide variety

Like most Salvation Army Thrift Stores, this one offers everything from clothing to books to housewares. I found this location well-organized and easy to navigate. For one thing, there is an entire room dedicated to books! I picked up a few volumes for my shop while there.


And if you happen to need an entire set of china, head straight to the back wall and look at the large, lighted shelves. Entire sets at varying price points are displayed here, making it easy to see all of the pieces and also ensuring that sets stay together and not get mixed up among the other housewares.



Of course, my favorite section in a shop offering both vintage and non-vintage items is the housewares section because that is usually where you find the best vintage offerings.


This shop had an abundance of nice housewares, far more than I usually find at Salvation Army stores. My cart was already loaded up by the time I came across this unusual pottery vase.

I was holding up the vase, considering it, when the sales clerk walked by and said, “That one is so pretty and it’s half-price this week because it has a yellow sticker.”

Into the cart it went!

And now that I knew to look for yellow stickers, I took another pass through the aisles to look again because something not worth ten dollars to me may well be worth five, etcetera.

Yellow stickers

By the time I left, I’d amassed quite a few items with yellow stickers, including two porcelain Seymore Mann Boot Vases, which I only paid $2.50 each for, but which routinely sell for $25 each online.

Here is a sampling of the items I scored for half price. (

Although not half-price, one of the favorite things I discovered was this Jim Shore Lion and Lamb figurine inscribed with PEACE AND LOVE on the base for $3.99.

Jim Shore’s colorful, folksy figurines are collectible, and they always move fast in my shop.

For a retailer, nothing beats items that don’t take up much space on the shelf and sell quickly! I sold this figurine for $22 in just a few days.


TSP Takeaway

This unassuming store is worth the stop. And it is good to note that this Salvation Army Family Store does run color-coded price tag specials. I’ve found that not all Salvation Army stores do, and because I hadn’t seen any signs, I assumed this one didn’t. Now I know to always ask!

The Salvation Army Family Store in Toccoa is located at 692 Big A Road in Toccoa, Georgia. For more information on store hours, call them at 706-886-0044 or visit them online at The Salvation Army of Toccoa Facebook page.

Who should visit: Folks looking for vintage housewares and books.

Score of the day: Seymore Mann Boot Vases

Predicted profit on vases: $22 each, $44 for both

Re-seller takeaway: Remember to ask if any of the sticker colors indicate discounts.

Here’s wishing all of the Savvy readers out there a beautiful holiday season full of everything the Jim Shore Lion figurine represents: Peace and Love.

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