Mondays with Mom: Sharing

Each week, I write memories or thoughts about Mom’s life. Often many times, it’s about our life together. I’m thankful to have a place where I can share these ramblings, and I’m always grateful to hear back from those of you who read it. It takes on extra meaning when I know it strikes a chord with you.

I often wonder what Mom would think of these articles. With over 150 of them written about her and shared over the internet with readers and those on Facebook, I wonder if she would think I’ve said too much.

One of the recurring themes on caregiver sites is how much to share about the loved ones’ lives. As caregivers, we need the support and encouragement these sites afford, so we often share intimate details about our loved ones. No topic is off-putting or out-of-bounds on these chat boards. As we rally for each other, we sympathize and often empathize with all the difficulties we face in this season of caregiving.

I have been very careful to not over-share personal, intimate details in these “Mondays with Mom.” My sister acts as my editor and often corrects grammar or syntax. She also makes certain I don’t share too much. Most often, her main job is to make certain my commas are in the correct spots. (Somehow I just can’t seem to learn!)

Mom was a very generous person. She always had a kind word for a stranger, and much to my teenaged chagrin, she could carry on a whole conversation with people while waiting in line. Everyone she met was a potential friend. Although it drove me crazy then, I’m grateful for her example. I also talk to strangers – now much to my children’s chagrin.

I don’t think she’d mind these articles. She might be somewhat embarrassed at the amount of attention they have recieved, but I know she’d also be glad if they encouraged just one other person. As I’ve said before, caregiving can be an isolating, difficult path and she was always one to reach out to others who were hurting or lonely.

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