Mondays with Mom: Postscript

I am so grateful. Mom is home at last, well and whole. Although I miss her terribly, I wouldn’t want her to come back to her crippled body and mind for anything. In the days and weeks ahead, I am certain the waves of grief will still roll over us, but our hope is secure and we will one day see her again.

Meanwhile, I have so many words of appreciation and love that must be shared. Our caregivers came into our lives and cared for Mom (and Dad) as if they were family. Our lives would have been so different without Jean, Clara, Laverne, and Amy. The hospice team from Amedisys were the best. Matthew went above and beyond his requirements, even helping us dismantle the hospital bed. Each employee of Hillside Memorial treated us with respect and kindness, from the moment they came out to the house until the delivery of the flowers and gifts back to the house.

Thank you to those who braved the weather to visit with us at the funeral home. Although it was an icy day, the receiving room was full of the warmth of friendship and love. I think the funeral was just as Mom would have wanted it to be. She would have loved visiting with everyone – I could just see her smiling as everyone came through the door.

Thank you to our sheriff, Joey Terrell, and the other officers who stood in the rain to hold traffic as we went to the cemetery. I am grateful for southern manners and hospitality as cars pulled over in respect and let the procession through.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for the food and flowers, bird gifts, and Gideon Bibles given in memory of Mom. Our family certainly felt surrounded by prayers and love shown to us last week. Please continue to remember us in your prayers and thoughts.

Several of you have asked if I would continue writing “Mondays with Mom.” I think I will take a break for now. I joked with Dad that I would start writing about him and call it “Days with Dad” and there will certainly be more stories of Ruth Bunn in those articles.

Author Donna Bunn James and her mother, Ruth Sinclair Bunn
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