Mondays with Mom: Mundane Gratefulness

I’ve started listening to podcasts – yes, I’m a little late to the game – and I’ve found a wonderful speaker named Christy Nockels. Her podcast is “Glorious in the Mundane.” I’ve only listened to the first few episodes, but they’ve called my attention to the simple blessings in my life.

I take so much of my life for granted. I expect the lights to turn on when I flip a switch. I expect my car to start and get me where I need to go. I expect my feet and legs to work when I get out of bed in the morning. None of these are a blessing I deserve; it’s just a gift that I live in a house with electricity and have a decent car and healthy body. So I should be thankful!

So here, in no particular order, are the many blessings for which I’m incredibly thankful:


  1. God’s comforting presence. When Mom calls out at night, she’s crying “Lord, Lord, lead us. Lead us home.”
  2. A lift chair that carries Mom into a reclining position or almost standing.
  3. Skilled caregivers who love Mom and are attentive and caring.
  4. Mom’s warm, fluffy blankets.
  5. A computer on which to type – otherwise I would wear out correction tape on a typewriter!
  6. A dehumidifier in the summer and a humidifier now.
  7. A bedroom where I can rest when Mom rests.
  8. Well water. (I’m on city water at my house – and I’m thankful for it, too!)
  9. Soft cotton gowns so her skin doesn’t chafe.
  10. Monday lunch delivery. (See lunch.)
  11. “Pink noise” machine.
  12. Clark mule shoes – so easy to slide on and off Mom’s feet.
  13. Old fashioned 100%cotton sheets.
  14. Meds which allow us both to sleep sometimes.
  15. Ensure or other protein drinks.
  16. Lotions, shampoos, and other convenience beauty products.
  17. Heavy duty nail clippers.
  18. Tammy – who comes to clean every other week.
  19. Coffee and milk.
  20. Mom and Dad.

A grateful posture has made this difficult time bearable. God has allowed Mom to live 91 ½ years and as I have shared in previous articles, some days are hard. Since I know Mom could go home most any day, I try to be constantly aware of the time we have together. Her set-point of happiness and contentment was passed on to me and I do fairly well most of the time. On days when I falter, I remember to be grateful and find joy in the mundane.

During this season of thanksgiving, may you do the same!

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