Mondays with Mom: Correspondence


A few months ago, Dad wrote a form letter to causes that he’d been supporting financially for years. Dad typed his correspondence on a typewriter, duplicated it, and sent it through the mail. Although it was a difficult letter for him to write, it has brought unexpected blessings.

Here is his letter:

Dear Ma’am/Sir:

                I may have been a short or long time contributor to your cause or organization, but this will inform you that for the time being, there will be no more contributions from me.

                My wife of 65 years has health problems requiring 24 hours a day home care as I will not be placing her in a nursing home. As you may guess, money for contributions will now be used for health care professionals.

                I have your address, and should circumstances change, I will contact you again. However, for now will there not be any future contributions.

Sincerely, L.D. Bunn

I didn’t know he’d written the letter. I might never have known except he shared letters that came in response back to him. I still shake my head in wonder at the caring, generous hearts that replied back to him.

The first card was a Hallmark: “Thinking of you in these trying times…Hoping each day brings you a greater measure of peace to comfort your heart.” In a blue felt-tipped pen, *Mary wrote:

Dear Mr. Bunn –

I’ve been thinking about you and Ruth as the days have passed by. Your strength and dedication is admirable – as these sorrowful time never come with an easy answer. I pray that you could share a moment of joy together on your anniversary – 65 years is a lifetime to be in love and it’s touching to witness such a blessed commitment.

My sincerest regards to you Lionel, *Mary

*Mary is a development associate at Capital Research Center. I don’t know how Dad’s letter would have fallen into her hands. I’m certain she has a very busy job and leads a very busy life in Washington D.C. Yet she took the time to purchase a card, handwrite a letter, and address it. There was no way she could know what a blessing that would be to Dad.

The second amazing letter came from the executive director of Care Net. This time a $25 check written to Dad was enclosed. It was a simple Thank You card that read:

Mr. Bunn,

You are a gift from God. You will always be a part of our Care Net family. We are praying for you and your wife. We are asking God to provide all your needs and the best health care provider for your wife. Enclosed is a small gift from me. You and Mrs. Bunn are my family in Christ.


Dad was absolutely overwhelmed with the love these two women shared with him. They gave the gift of encouragement to a man who they’ll probably never meet.

These two acts of kindness have been a source of inspiration for me. I’ve witnessed the impact of a simple card and handwritten note. I hope their respective business associates know what a treasure they are. They are following the Apostle Paul’s advice to the church at Thessalonica: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. (I Thessalonians 5:11.)

When I contacted Shealeta to ask permission to use her name in this article, this is how she responded:

WOW!  You never know what being obedient will stir.  I meant every word and was so blessed by your dad’s love for his wife.  I don’t mind you writing this note.  I want to share it with my grandson who is 7 years old.  I am teaching him about thinking of others and giving.

What an amazing example she is. I want to be just like her. Now please excuse me while I go work on my correspondence.

*Because I was unable to contact her to ask her permission for this article, “Mary” is a pseudonym.

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