Becka’s Yard Sale

Becka’s Yard Sale is located on Warehouse Drive off US 129, south of the downtown square in Cleveland, Georgia. (

If you read the Savvy Picker’s last installment, you’ll know she recently stopped in at Dana’s Antiques in Cleveland, Georgia. Well, while she was visiting that store, she met Becka, who encouraged her to stop by her establishment, which is right next door.

Becka’s Yard Sale isn’t easily recognizable as a place to shop for vintage because it resembles a storage shed on the outside, but it is loaded with great stuff on the inside!

A little bit of everything

Appropriately named, Becka’s Yard Sale offers a little bit of everything from vintage to clothing to sliced bread! 


The place is small but packed, which means there is plenty to look at in order to find treasure, but this also means looking won’t take you long. That’s a perfect scenario for this treasure hunter.

While there, I picked up several great deals. Most were just a dollar or two each, except the stoneware cat pitcher (my favorite), which was $5 but which I can easily sell for $35 or more.

The Talavera owl tile below is also super nice, too. I think I paid $1 for it, but it sold for around $15 in my shop in less than a week. 


Time is money

In addition to these great buys, I picked up a few books, some coasters, and two tins full of mid-century doll furniture. Many of these pieces needed to be re-glued, so I bargained with Becka on this purchase and ended up getting all of the furniture for around $10.00, which was half the original asking price.

I don’t always bargain since I resell, but when an object is going to require more than the usual amount of time to get into the right condition to sell, I need to take that into consideration. The old adage “Time is Money” is certainly true in this business, so if something takes time to repair, you must calculate that into what you are willing to pay for it. 

These pieces look pretty good now that Tightbond II Premium Wood Glue has been applied to many of the legs (

I’ve always been a sucker for miniatures, especially unique ones like the mid-century-styled orange chairs in the above grouping, and other collectors are looking for these more unique pieces too. The table and chair set and the desk and chair sold quickly in the brick-and-mortar shop. I’m holding on to the red velvet chairs for a future project. 

One more thing to note about Becka’s is that the shop has a very active Facebook page, so if you’re in the Cleveland area, check it out and see the deals she frequently posts. 

Now that you know about Becka’s Yard Sale, it will make the drive down Warehouse Drive to Dana’s Antiques even more worth your time. Here’s wishing all the readers a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

TSP Takeaway

Becka’s Yard Sale is located on Warehouse Drive off US 129 south of the downtown Cleveland square. Visit the shop’s Facebook page for hours and more information.

Who should visit: Treasure hunters. 

Score of the day: Cat Pitcher. 

Predicted profit on pitcher: $30

Re-seller takeaway: If an item needs cleaning or repair before you can sell, calculate this into what you are willing to pay.

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