Walmart is serious about requiring masks

Shoppers wear masks to meet Walmart's requirement to enter the store. (Margie Williamson/NowHabersham)

On Thursday, July 23, just four days into requiring that all shoppers and staff wear masks inside the store, Walmart in Cornelia seems to have the process well in hand. The staff members greeting shoppers at the door are pleasant, even in July temperatures, and most shoppers seem to come prepared to meet the mask requirement.

For a short time, Walmart will provide masks to those who show up and do not know of the mask requirement. However, the store will not be able to supply masks to patrons long-term.

When asked what would happen if a shopper removed the mask once in the store, an employee on the floor replied that a manager would be contacted to talk to the patron. So far, business seems to be continuing as usual. Shoppers should experience no change in service while in the store.


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