The Schoolhouse Vendor Market, Toccoa

The Schoolhouse Vendor Market is located at 2332 Mize Road in Toccoa, Georgia. (

As its name suggests, The Schoolhouse Vendor Market is located in a beautiful old brick schoolhouse, which turns out to be a wonderful place to showcase antiques because the former high-ceilinged classrooms, most with windows, lend themselves to displaying vintage and antique wares in their best light.

Below are two of the many beautiful displays I saw here.


I’ll take it!

Like many antique malls, different vendors have different tastes, so it isn’t uncommon for a shopper to find several things in one booth that they love and nothing that catches their eye in the next. This is what happened to me when I visited this shop.

There was nothing in the first few rooms I visited that I felt I needed, but then I hit a booth where I liked everything.

This one had several sets of vintage ceramic salt and pepper shakers made in Japan reasonably priced at $6 a pair. I picked up these adorable deer and cute elephants, and also these stunning, deep yellow sunflower yellow bowls by Indiana Glass.


The bowls were a little pricey, and since I planned on purchasing several items from the same vendor, I asked if I could get a discount. We called the vendor, and although she said she couldn’t take anything off of the salt and pepper shakers (no surprise since they were already such a good deal), she did give me a $5 discount on the yellow bowls. I’ll take it!

Moving on, I found a few small prints that I liked for around $6 each. Small prints sell well for me and I particularly liked this retro print of the girl with cats because it has been embellished with embroidery, adding another layer of cuteness.


Vendor booths for rent

As I strolled through the rooms and down the hallways of this spacious building, I noticed several signs noting vendor spaces for rent. When I was there, there were a few whole rooms for rent and also some small shelf spaces.

If some readers of this column are interested in easing into the vintage or antique business, it might be worth checking out the details. This mall has several things going for it. It hosts events like car shows and fall festivals that drive traffic to its vendors. Also, the space is curated, meaning booths aren’t allowed to look junky. This is good for everyone.

The Savvy Picker cannot say whether or not a booth here would be profitable for you; you’ll have to do your own research by reaching out to the owners through their website and Facebook page and asking questions to determine this. I always ask what percentage of vendors make a profit, how often rates are likely to increase, and what percentage of profit the mall takes. Add your own questions to these!

A newer mall will usually take longer to start turning a profit, but it also offers opportunities to get in on a business from the start. Once a mall is established, it usually ends up with a waiting list of people hoping to get in.

TSP Takeaway


The Schoolhouse Vendor Market is definitely worth a stop. Drop in and meander through the utterly charming old classrooms and hallways. And take your time. You don’t need to worry about the chime of school bells rushing you along!

The shop is located at 2332 Mize Road in Toccoa, Georgia.

Who should visit: Lovers of vintage and antique items who like spacious malls with great displays.

Score of the day: Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers from Japan

Predicted profit on shakers: $28

Re-seller takeaway: If you’re purchasing multiple items from one particular booth, it is a good time to ask for a discount.

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