The Savvy Picker: Mountain Laurel Antique Mall

The Mountain Laurel Antique Mall is located at 233 Friendship Church Road at Highway 129 South in Cleveland, Georgia. (Facebook)

The Savvy Picker travels around the Southeast looking for vintage merchandise to stock in her brick-and-mortar and online shops. She enjoys visiting the North Georgia Mountains, where, recently, she stopped in at the Mountain Laurel Antique Mall in Cleveland.

Consignment furniture (

Keep reading to check out her hauls and pick up a few tricks of the trade.

Mountain Laurel Antique Mall is housed in a cheery yellow building easily visible from Highway 129, so it makes for a convenient stop when treasure hunting. One thing that sets this place apart from other antique malls is the large amount of space designated for furniture consignment.

For those in the area who have a few interesting pieces of furniture they no longer need, this offers a great opportunity to sell a few nice pieces without having to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining a booth.

And for those looking for furniture, be sure to look around in this part of the mall, where you might be greeted, as I was, by this sweet older dog who reminded me of my own.


Artistic finds

Another unique thing that I enjoyed about Mountain Laurel Antique Mall was its distinctive art vibe. A collection of artists with vintage sensibilities have found a space to showcase their eclectic mix of Art and vintage pieces.

From their booth, Black Orchid Curiosities, I bought a couple of pulp fiction Earl Stanley Gardner paperbacks with neat graphic covers for about a dollar each that I later sold for around five dollars each in my shop. I also picked up a beautiful painting of an owl for my own collection.

Black Orchid Curiosities also offered a wide array of found object art that incorporated vintage pieces with paint and modern pieces to create unique works of art.

From the dealers who marry vintage with art, you can find some slightly creepy items just in time for Halloween, like these plaster casts of teeth. (

While I was there, I spoke to one of these vendors, and she mentioned they were sponsoring some art shows for children, bringing more art into the Cleveland community. After checking out Mountain Laurel Antique Mall’s Facebook page, I see they have already hosted at least one such art show!

Traditional finds

Many of the booths in this spacious mall offer more traditional arrays of antique and vintage wares. From these booths, I discovered several sure-to-sell items at great prices, including this Antique Blue Willow tea set for children priced at $50. I recently sold one just like it for $125. I didn’t pick this one up, however, because I have another similar set already in inventory.

Blue Willow children’s tea set (

The timing just wasn’t right for me to take advantage of this good deal. Maybe it will still be around for one of you!

One of the things I was most excited about discovering here was this lovely Belleek bowl from Ireland for only $8. It quickly sold in my shop for $24. Additionally, I found a low-priced jar of shells, which will sell well in my area. Other finds included a great piece of enamelware, a blue and white porcelain vase, and a brass cricket box.

Belleek bowl (

Then, while waiting to check out, I happened to see a large piece of folk art for only $5! Even the lady at the checkout counter commented on what a good deal this was.


And you can get one more perk if you stop by this antique mall: Free Avon samples!

The Savvy Picker takeaway

If you love antiques, art, or both, put Mountain Laurel Antiques on your must-visit list!

The mall is located at 233 Friendship Church Road at Highway 129 South in Cleveland, Georgia. For hours and directions, visit their website,, or Facebook page.

Who should visit: Lovers of both art and antiques!

Score of the day: Folk Art

Predicted profit on Folk Art: $35

Re-seller takeaway: Knowing what sells best for you regionally can help you find great deals when you travel.

SAVVY PICKER TIP: If you read the Savvy Picker’s Yard Sale Edition, you might remember that I promised to announce details for the next Humane Society of Elbert County Yard Sale. Well, mark your calendars; this year’s sale will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on September 8 and 9 at 2138 Calhoun Falls Highway in Elberton, Georgia. I’ve heard it is absolutely loaded!

Know of a place TSP should visit?

Now, if YOU happen to know of great places to hunt for antique and vintage treasures, make sure to let The Savvy Picker know via the Facebook post or by reaching out to Now Habersham. I’ll be taking the month of September off from writing articles to focus on visiting more great places in North Georgia.


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