The Savvy Picker: Granny B’s Thrift and More

Granny B's Thrift and More is located at 6480 Highway 129 South in Cleveland, Georgia (

The Savvy Picker travels around the southeast looking for vintage merchandise to stock her brick-and-mortar and online shops. She recently visited the North Georgia Mountains, where she stopped in at Granny B’s Thrift and More in Cleveland. Keep reading to check out her hauls and pick up a few tricks of the trade.


If you’re shopping in Cleveland, it’s worth a few minutes to stop in at Granny B’s Thrift and More. This large shop holds everything from housewares to books, to clothing, to an array of items you don’t usually find in Thrift Stores, like essential oils.

Note that hippies are welcome here, and so is everyone else!

One thing I liked about this shop is its motto, which you will see on its Facebook page: “Helping Whoever ~ Whenever ~ and However We Can.” Living out this motto, the store even has a shelf designated for food donations. When I asked who they donate the food to, the clerk said, “To whoever needs it.” What a great philosophy.


When I was there, the shop was not loaded with vintage items, but I did find a few things that made it worth the trip. These glossy porcelain roosters made in Portugal, for example, were just a dollar each and will easily sell in my shop for $12 each because a lot of people collect roosters and chickens.

When I shop in thrift and antique stores, I always pause before leaving and make sure to step back and look up and down. It is always our tendency to forget to look on the top and bottom shelves, so we set ourselves up to miss the good stuff. In doing this at Granny B’s, I noticed a set of drawers near the counter had labels on them. The different drawers contained jewelry. Usually, jewelry is displayed out in the open, so I almost missed these. I’m glad I didn’t!

Below is a selection of the nice costume pieces I found in the drawers; most pieces cost a dollar or less each.


The most amazing thing I found at this shop was a hand-carved bird, a really beautiful piece of art signed by the artist, and it only cost me $1.75. The detail in this piece is so intricate! I think its value lies between $125 and $250. Finds like this make checking out thrift stores worth it, even when they don’t specialize in vintage and antiques.


When leaving Granny B’s Thrift and More, I noticed there is a yard sale store next door (hours are limited, so check before visiting) and a discount store just down the road, so it may be worth making a three-point stop in that area of Cleveland.

Granny B’s Thrift and More is located at 6480 Highway 129 South in Cleveland, Georgia. Follow the store’s Facebook page to get information about sales.

Who should visit: Folks looking for a wide range of items.

Score of the day: Carved bird.

Predicted profit on Bird: $123 to $248

Re-seller takeaway: It’s important to step back and look around, up and down, before leaving a shop. If I hadn’t done this, I would have missed the labels on the drawers holding the jewelry.

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