The Savvy Picker: FAITH Furniture and More

Faith Furniture and More is located at 404 South Main Street in Clayton, Georgia. (

The Savvy Picker travels around the southeast looking for antique and vintage treasures to fill her online and brick-and-mortar shops. Recently she returned to North Georgia, where she visited FAITH Furniture and More in Clayton.

After visiting the FAITH Thrift store, covered in the last Savvy Picker column, I headed over to this organization’s other shop: FAITH Furniture and More. A little farther from Clayton’s town center, this building was a bit larger and loaded with cool vintage furniture and plenty of home goods. While there, I had a chance to talk to some of the nice folks who run this shop, and I have to admit I love their philosophy. They like to price items cheap and move them on out. This is fine by me! Plus, it allows them to move a large quantity of merchandise without getting overly cluttered.

For example, when I was there, all lamps were $5! I picked up this one, custom-made from a vintage German Gebruder Heubach figurine. (I later dismantled the lamp in order to sell the figurine separately.) I also purchased a wicker lamp and a 1960s crystal lamp, both of which will easily sell in my area.


In addition to lamps, all framed art was on sale for $5! I was thrilled to find three original British etchings in beautiful shape in the art bin. My customers love etchings, and these three, valued at around $40 each, won’t last long in my shop.


For those who like super-duper-bargain-basement deals, you can also find these at FAITH Furniture! Look, here’s an entire table of items priced at just 25 cents each. While I left a few on the table, about two bucks worth came home with me!


If you are looking for furniture, the prices at FAITH Furniture will be hard to beat. Unfortunately, this store was one of the last stops on my trip, so I didn’t have much room in my car. But I did manage to squeeze in a Victorian Saddle Stool for $15 that I will probably sell in my online shop for around $150 and this American of Martinsville Mid Century Asian-inspired end table for just $10. These usually sell online for upwards of $200.


I also spotted a stunning Mid Century Buffet for only $75 – the style that usually sells for $1500 – $4000. Lucky for me, someone had already put it on hold, or I would have been tempted to throw everything else out of my car and see if I could cram it in and take it home. Mid Century buffets are highly desirable these days, and you don’t find them often.

I have to admit, I really loaded up at this store because the prices were great, and there was a lot of stuff to load, including a Royal Doulton figurine that I purchased for just a dollar and sold for $35 within a week of putting it on the shelf.

This Bo Peep figurine and these small glass treasures were each priced at a dollar or less. (

Like its companion shop, FAITH Thrift Store, proceeds from sales at FAITH Furniture and More benefit the F.A.I.T.H., Inc. nonprofit, which provides free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. Their mission is in their name: FAITH stands for Fight Abuse in the Home. Definitely a worthy cause and definitely worth the trip!

Check out FAITH Furniture and More for vintage furniture and more… and make sure you have plenty of room in your car when you do! The store is located at 440 South Main Street in Clayton, Georgia. Give them a call at (706) 782-9986 or visit them on Facebook for more information and hours.

Who should visit: Bargain hunters with room in their car!

Score of the day: American of Martinsville End Table

Predicted profit on table: $190

Re-seller takeaway: Always take a minute to check out the lamps. They sell as lamps, but often the components are more valuable than the lamp itself.

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