The Savvy Picker: Crazy Mule Arts and Antiques

Crazy Mule Arts and Antiques is located at 7718 Lula Road in Lula, Georgia. (

Headlines about people making millions from thrift store finds have people wanting to get in on the hunt for antique and vintage treasures. And why not? There are plenty of awesome places in North Georgia loaded with loot and ripe for the pickin’. The Savvy Picker has been back in the mountains this week and is going to walk us through a few of her stops while offering tricks of the trade and sharing her finds.

Stepping into Crazy Mule Arts and Antiques is like stepping back in time. Housed in a former general store, the weathered clapboard building has managed to evade the kind of renovations that rob a place of its character. So walking around inside this cool space chock-full of interesting vintage and antique pieces is a bit like walking around in a time capsule.

You may have company walking around with you when you’re there. (

Cool items abound in this shop because the proprietor is an authentic picker, and he’s collected everything from antique signs to taxidermy. While I was there, he told me about his recent acquisition of the entire contents of an old general store. This included rare items like the first aid box below, which is something you don’t see every day. Or ever.


Other pieces from his general store haul included antique store displays like a glass juice dispenser, a huge peanut container with a bright logo, and a Victorian-era spinning comb display case. Rare finds like these won’t be inexpensive, but they can be priceless to the true collector!


I loved browsing around amidst the unique pieces and was happy to discover one of my favorite things to sell in my online shop: an antique Japanese box. With a compartment under the lid, plus three drawers, this one is designed to hold a calligraphy set. It still had some brushes and a tool in it, too! Other than a broken clasp, the box is in good shape. I paid $65 for it and will list it in my online shop for about $145. If I can repair the clasp, I’ll price it a little higher than that.


I also picked up several inexpensive items, including a yellow bird figurine, a bunny print, salt and pepper shakers, a ceramic owl, and a cool hard-sided blue and white train case. When I took them to the counter, the proprietor asked if I was a dealer. Busted! When I admitted I was, he said the dealers always pick up a bunch of stuff in Mary’s space. (Most of the inventory is his own.) Priced at $25, the item I paid the most for from this group was the Penny’s Towncraft train case, but train cases are a hot commodity in my shop, so I feel sure I will be able to get $55 for it.

All of this great stuff came home with me from Crazy Mule, excluding the small table. (

You won’t have many shopping experiences like the one you’ll have at Crazy Mule, so take a trip over. It’s located at 7718 Lula Road in Lula, Georgia. The business has a Facebook page, so you can check it out for times and updates.

Who should visit: Browsers who like truly unique finds.

Score of the day: Japanese Calligraphy Box

Predicted profit on box: $80

Re-seller takeaway: Enjoy taking time to meander through places like this, and don’t be afraid to ask for prices.

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