Silent sermon

Macey Nicholson captured this image of Habersham Central High School junior Trey King cleaning up the student section in the gym after a basketball game at the school in Mt. Airy on Friday, Dec. 1, 2023. (Photo by Macey Nicholson/Facebook)

Macey Nicholson was leaving the Habersham Central High School basketball game Friday night when she captured a quiet moment that speaks volumes.

“This section is where the student section was. I was absolutely shocked to see all of them get up and leave without picking up their trash,” the HCHS alum wrote in a social media post that’s since been widely shared.

Then, a young man stepped into the stands and started picking up the trash.

“He didn’t know that anyone was watching,” Nicholson wrote. “He wasn’t even sitting in the student section.”

Nicholson gave a shout-out to the teen, who she identified as Trey King.

As it turns out, King, a 16-year-old junior at Habersham Central, has publicly stated he hopes to one day go into the ministry.

On this night, he delivered a sermon without any words.

“This is the perfect picture of selfless service and integrity,” wrote Nicholson. “The world needs more people like Trey King.”

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