Life in Motion: Giving back

Habersham County Animal Care and Control’s (HCACC) crew of Christmas characters paid a visit to The Oaks assisted living facility in Baldwin. They carried with them “trinkets and treasures” to hand out to the more than two dozen residents who live there.

Santa gave everyone a stocking with donated items from staff and volunteers. They even brought a small dog with them that warmed people’s hearts. The crew’s ringleader, Grinch, created merry mischief during their Dec. 22 visit.

In preparing for the visit, the Grinch’s alter ego, HCACC Director Madi Nix, said, “Everyone always does so much for the shelter, so it’s time for the shelter to do something nice for someone else.”

The HCACC Christmas Crew delighted staff and residents at The Oaks in Baldwin on Dec. 22, 2023.
HCACC staff and volunteers donated items for the stockings.
The Grinch lounges on the sofa during a visit to The Oaks in Baldwin on Friday, Dec. 22, 2023. (photo submitted)


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