64 Habersham students receive Piedmont academic honors


The following students from Habersham County have been awarded academic honors for the recently completed spring semester at Piedmont College.

Students named as Dean’s Scholars finished the semester with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Students named to the Dean’s List finished the semester with a GPA of 3.55 to 3.99.

Alaqua Crawford Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Marnie Herbert Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Mattison Jenkins Dean’s List Alto GA
Sydney Truelove Dean’s List Cornelia GA
Aida Roberts Dean’s Scholar Demorest GA
Mitch Balderas Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Leslie Lopez Dean’s List Baldwin GA
Meaghan Welborn Dean’s List Mount Airy GA
Lois Stevenson Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Abagail Jones Dean’s List Cornelia GA
Sarah Smith Dean’s List Gainesville GA
Kenzie Fleming Dean’s Scholar Demorest GA
Guadalupe Banda Dean’s List Demorest GA
Lonny Cagle Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Rachel Danford Dean’s List Mount Airy GA
JoAnna Hansen Dean’s List Demorest GA
Nicholas Alexander Dean’s Scholar Alto GA
Rebecca Bowen Dean’s Scholar Demorest GA
Benjamin Thornburgh Dean’s Scholar Cornelia GA
James Howell Dean’s List Demorest GA
Eric Lopez Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Natalie Pitts Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Jenna Barden Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Madison Butikofer Dean’s List Demorest GA
Jennifer Gibbs Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Michael Adams Dean’s List Alto GA
Dylan Cantrell Dean’s List Mount Airy GA
Morgen Schulte Dean’s List Alto GA
Pilar Torres Dean’s List Demorest GA
Christopher Watson Dean’s List Demorest GA
Maci Watts Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Keaton Benfield Dean’s Scholar Mount Airy GA
Alayna Lauck Dean’s List Alto GA
Lauri Pastman Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Hailey Small Dean’s List Demorest GA
Carrie Chastain Dean’s List Demorest GA
Natalie Freel Dean’s List Cornelia GA
Andrea Guillen Dean’s List Alto GA
Jerry Looney Dean’s List Demorest GA
Donald Moore Dean’s List Alto GA
Alexandra Nunnally Dean’s List Demorest GA
Amber Payne Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Tabea Soelter Dean’s List Cornelia GA
Madeline Ash Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Jacob Butikofer Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Jessica Hawkins Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Lanae Ramos Dean’s Scholar Demorest GA
Cayla Simmons Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Jessica Smith Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Katelyn Tiller Dean’s Scholar Cornelia GA
Riley Carter Dean’s List Demorest GA
Cooper Donnelly Dean’s List Mount Airy GA
Nicholas Englert Dean’s List Mt. Airy GA
Rily Passini Dean’s List Demorest GA
Miranda Watts Dean’s List Demorest GA
Kelly Adams Dean’s Scholar Demorest GA
Melanie Bogart Dean’s Scholar Clarkesville GA
Maria Cano Dean’s List Demorest GA
Neile Chambers Dean’s List Demorest GA
Christopher Murphy Dean’s List Clarkesville GA
Victoria Ramey Dean’s List Demorest GA
Cayla Thomas Dean’s List Demorest GA
Katelyn Woodward Dean’s Scholar Alto GA
Courtney Swindle Dean’s Scholar Mount Airy GA
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