White County invests in more Dominion voting machines

White County Elections Supervisor Jody Davis speaks to commissioners during a called meeting on Aug. 30, 2022. (Dean Dyer/wrwh.com)

The White County Board of Commissioners has approved funds to improve voting in the county. At Monday’s commission work session and called meeting, the board approved the purchase of two additional voting machines.

White County’s new elections supervisor Jody Davis told commissioners he and the elections board have discussed the county’s voting equipment needs and thee need to secure the equipment. Davis said they are required to have one voting machine for every 250 electors and are a couple short right now.

According to Davis, the number of registered voters has increased by about 50 new voters each month during the past year, so, next year the county will need more machines to meet the requirements.

The Secretary of State’s new inspection program is going to be more evident in the upcoming elections and he said they will be working to make sure poll workers know what is required of them.

“The requested funds will bring White County elections closer to compliance with the Elections Integrity Act of 2021 (SB202),” Davis told the commission.

In approving funds for the machines, White County Commission Chair Travis Turner said, “This board has made a decision we’re going to do everything we can to support the board of elections, election supervisor, that the county continues to operate, sound, clear, and trustworthy elections.”

The commissioners also approved an agreement with Dominion Voting for technical assistance for the 2022 General Election process including pre- and post-election support.

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