White County Chamber hosts its first-ever women’s conference

Macy Satterfield, Jordan Buffington, and Leslie Canada share ideas at Pearls of Wisdom Women's Conference in Cleveland, GA

It was the inaugural women and business event hosted by the White County Chamber of Commerce – a morning to empower women. White County Chamber of Commerce President Beth Truelove talked about what made this day special.

“It is an opportunity for us to come together, support each other, support how we do business, take care of our families, and juggle all we have to do in a day,” said Truelove. “We are super excited that people got behind our vision. Dr. Shanda Ginn, Chairman of the Chamber Board, this was her vision and we are all just here to make it happen.”

A sold-out audience at the Pearls of Wisdom Women’s Conference in Cleveland GA (Photo Now Habersham)

The Pearls of Wisdom Conference was held at Meadows at Mossy Creek on February 13 from 9:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. to a sold-out audience.

A panel of businesswomen answered questions from how to balance family and career to what changes they’d like to see for women.

The panel consisted of Margaret McLean, Director of Corporate Communications at Cabbage Patch Kids; Carol Jackson, former State Senator and Associate VP of North Georgia Technical College; Lacy Turner, First Lady of Cleveland married to Mayor Josh Turner and Employment Coordinator for Warriors of Georgia; and Dr. Shanda Ginn, owner of Cleveland Academy.

The panel addressed women of various ages and in different fields and stages of life. “Everyone is putting out fires. Remember, fires will continue to burn,” advised Margaret McLean, “You must prioritize family.”

Panel: Beth Truelove, Margaret McLean, Dr. Shanda Ginn, Lacy Turner, and Carol Jackson. (Photo Now Habersham)

Lacy Turner added, “We have to take care of ourselves to be the best version of ‘me’ that we can be. Acknowledge when you are exhausted and recognize that you are human.”

Carol Jackson applauded women, “You are making the changes. When you think you can’t do anymore, reach down deep and do a little more.”

Dr. Shanda Ginn stressed the importance of being present at your business. “Have relationships with those you work with. Get to know the community. Most of all, learn to delegate. You cannot do it all.”

It was a time to network, meet other women in businesses, and enjoy good food, raffles, and massage chairs. It was also an avenue for solutions and to take in what is possible with hard work and determination.

“If I don’t stress anything else,” Carol Jackson reflected, “I want to encourage you to support one another. Do good for one another.”

Dr. Ginn added, “Develop a culture of friendship – go to brunches, play golf, have someone to lean on. I always tell our staff, ‘Stay away from negative Nellies’ and be around people who lift you up.”

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