Where in the world is Madeline McClurg, Part III?

Madeline McClurg in Vancouver, Canada, enjoying the Aurora borealis . (submitted)

Her adventures continue as Madeline McClurg, daughter of Matt and Kimberly McClurg of Clarkesville, travels the world on the Celebrity Edge Cruiseline. Her title is Activity Host, a job she feels well-suited to do. If you have not been keeping up with her story, this is Part III of a series of articles following Madeline around the world. You can read Part I and Part II here.

“The past two months have honestly been the best and most exciting months of my life,” Madeline expressed. “I have had so many new experiences!”

Madeline McClurg celebrates her first crossing over the equator. (submitted)

She experienced an equator crossing ceremony as her cruise ship crossed from French Polynesia into Hawaii at the end of April. Since McClurg had never crossed over the equator, the tradition requires that she kiss a fish, and food is dumped on her head.  “It was so much fun and hilarious! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience I’ll never forget,” McClurg confessed. “And it was in front of thousands of guests!”

WATCH: Equator crossing ceremony video here

McClurg holds a degree in music education so when she was asked to lead the newly formed Celebrity Edge Guest Choir, she jumped at the chance.

“For the longer cruises with lots of sea days, guests would join the choir on the first day, rehearse with me for about an hour every day, and then do a final performance at the end,” McClurg said she was so grateful to be able to do something she was so passionate about. The guests performed beautiful songs including “Hey Jude” and “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Madeline celebrated her birthday with co-workers on the ship under the beautiful Northern Lights in Canada. (submitted)

On May 11th, McClurg celebrated her birthday onboard the ship by seeing the beautiful Aurora Borealis as they sailed into Vancouver, Canada. Her co-workers surprised her by taking her to the front of the ship and singing Happy Birthday under the colorful sky. “It was a birthday I will never forget and one that will be hard to beat,” McClurg laughed.

Since leaving New Zealand, the Celebrity Edge traveled to the islands of French Polynesia: Raiatea, Papeete, and Moorea.

“French Polynesia was absolutely gorgeous, and it was cool to get a taste of French culture since I have never actually traveled to France before,” McClurg said. After crossing the equator, they went to Honolulu, Hilo, and Kailua Kona. Her favorite port in Hawaii was Honolulu. “It had a fantastic open-air shopping mall called Ala Moana with a beach right across from it. It was neat because one second I was in a city with shops, and the next, I was at the beach eating a delicious acai bowl.”

Delicious Hawaiian food is one of McClurg’s favorite. (submitted)

The waters in Hawaii and the French Polynesia were exactly as she imagined – clear blue with gorgeous sand. McClurg said she is not a fan of the beach but having experienced Hawaii, she has changed her mind.

The ship entered Vancouver, Canada, and will begin the Alaskan itinerary. “So far, we have been to Juneau and Skagway, which are both gorgeous but very cold! It’s crazy to go from wearing a bathing suit to heavy jackets.”

“We were lucky enough to have two Hawaiian ambassadors come onboard to do Hawaiian arts and crafts, dance classes, ukulele classes, and language speaking classes,” McClurg described. “Being an activity host, I got to help out with these classes and experience them myself.”

McClurg learned to make a fresh flower lei, participate in hula classes, and even take a Polynesian fitness dance class. She loved to experience the Hawaiian culture firsthand through the Hawaiian natives who came on board. Her favorite food is Hawaiian so far.

“When we went to Papeete, French Polynesia, I was under the assumption that there was a beach within walking distance,” McClurg started. “I was wrong and the beach was about 30 minutes away by car.”

The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. (submitted)

McClurg contacted one of the Activity Team Members. He told her he was renting a moped and would she like to come along. “We had the best day. We ended up at a beautiful, more isolated beach and sat on a paddle board, drifting through the gloriously clear water.” McClurg commented that she had done three things out of her comfort zone: rode a moped, paddle boarded, and snuck into a luxury hotel resort to watch the sunset.

“I have no regrets. It was one of my favorite days of all,” McClurg added.






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