What Are You Running From?

God isn’t scared of what scares us.

I love those words. It makes me realize the power of my Father and yours. He’ll take care of it – whatever it is.

I was recently at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo with my family. I’ve always loved lions. At one point in my life I was going to work for National Geographic and study lions in Africa; unfortunately, I chose a different path. Still to this day, I have a yearning to go to Africa. I stood outside the lions’ exhibit area, watching the king of the jungle pace back and forth. The worn path of his paw prints was evident by the dirt trail against the fence. He wasn’t looking back and forth or even increasing or decreasing his rhythmic step – just back and forth on the 50 yard boundary. My heart grieved for him because even though I did not understand or know the circumstances of his being in the zoo – he was trapped. He was living a life not intended by His Creator.

I wanted to hear him roar. I wanted to see the wind blow through his impressive mane. I wanted to see him free from bondage.

Many of us are in bondage from fear. We run from what intimidates us, what causes us anxiety, what keeps us up late at night. We avoid facing the roar.

Lions live in groups called prides. The lioness is the hunter and together with the help of other lionesses, the pride is fed. The lion is actually the slowest runner of the pack but his roar causes any and everything to run. Once the antelopes start to run, the lionesses have a feast for the pride.

What roar are you running from? I think Satan roars a lot at us. Scripture tell us “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” – 1 Peter 5:8. If he can keep us on the run, he’s got us. But then there’s God, who isn’t scared of what scares us. God who victoriously defeated Satan. God who loves and adores us with an intensity we cannot comprehend.

Whatever is causing you to run – STOP. Your God is stronger, smarter, faster, bolder, and any other “er” there is out there than what grips you. Run toward God, and He’ll take care of the rest. Count on it.

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