Wedding bells ring at White County Senior Center

Newlyweds Diane Bayne and Bob Renaud cut the cake at their wedding celebration at the White County Senior Center on Friday, Nov. 17, 2023. (

CLEVELAND, Ga. – The White County Senior Center’s theme is, “We’re here to make good things happen.” For Diane Bayne and Bob Renaud, the Center more than lived up to its promise.

Both have been attending the Center for several years; it’s where they met. On Friday, they said, “I Do.”

Bayne and Renaud exchanged wedding vows on Nov. 17 in a ceremony hosted at the Senior Center on Helen Highway. Friends and family gathered to celebrate, but only after the day’s regular activities had ended.

This is the fourth time in the Center’s history that it’s been used as a wedding venue. Senior Center Director Barbara Overton says it’s a place where friendships of all kinds are formed.

“Friends and neighbors from years past are reunited, and new friendships are formed at the Senior Center all the time.”

Overton did not divulge where the couple spent their honeymoon. We wish them the very best!

Dean Dyer of contributed to this story

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