With over half a century under his belt of playing for audiences around the globe, Tony Brock has cemented his status as a rock-and-roll legend. The British star, singer, songwriter, and most notably, drummer certainly deserves to trade his drumsticks for a fishing pole to relax on the Chattahoochee River, but propping his feet up seems far from his plans.

Tony and his wife Jan have made Demorest, Georgia, their home. “I’m loving it!” Brock said with a smile. “Especially where I live in Demorest. It’s more like England. And I find myself gardening and learning what rural life is all about. It’s hard work but Jan and I are enjoying it.” Brock loved that his new neighbors brought him a welcome cake. “That’s exactly how the English treat people,” he added.

The couple moved back to Georgia from LA around five years ago to be closer to Jan’s family. After living in Gwinnett for a while, they recently moved to Demorest. Brock has two sons Spencer, who lives in Denver, and Taylor, who lives in LA, and a stepson Chad Wedlake, and grandson Riley. They live in Lula.

Brock is famous for drum solos. (submitted)

Brock, a pro drummer since age 15, is one of the founding members of The Babys, a British Rock Band best known for their songs “Isn’t It Time” and “Every Time I Think of You”. Their first album was released in 1976, and the band rose to number 13 on the US Billboard Charts. Brock, known for his explosive drum solos and dynamic appearance on stage, remained with the group until its disbandment in 1981 after a fan injured John Waite, lead vocalist, by pulling him off the stage and injuring his knee.

Tony continued his career, touring and recording with such greats as Rod Stewart, Elton John, Tina Turner, Jimmy Barnes, Jeff Beck, Bernie Taupin’s Farm Dogs, and Roy Orbison, and that is just a short list of his accomplishments. However, the true grit of Tony Brock is the person inside – uniquely humble, friendly, and eager to help anyone who needs it.

“I started at 14 with my Mom,” Tony explained, filling the room with his undeniable British accent. “She was the pianist at church in England and of course, I used to sing in the choir. That’s how many people start.”

Brock describes his first band Spontaneous Combustion as making a “little bit of a splash” before he joined The Babys. He played with other well-known musicians such as Ricky Phillips (Styx) bass player and Jonathan Caine (Journey) keyboardist, making 5 albums, 3 of which became top 10 hits in Europe and Australia.

Brock with Rod Stewart in concert. (submitted)

After The Babys, Brock joined Rod Stewart and toured with him for over 12 years. “Those were amazing years. Playing before 1/2 a million people a night.”

During the years with Stewart, Brock played with Elton John, Tina Turner, and Jeff Beck.

Brock is famous for his drum solos and the passion and endurance he pushes into his music. He remembers a time with Stewart at Rock in Rio, a recurring music festival originating in Rio de Janeiro but now branching out to other locations, when he was performing a drum solo. Brock talks about how alive the audience was and involved in the music. “I stopped playing because I could hear a noise. Under the lights, you can only see about the first few rows. So, I stopped playing and asked for the lights to come up. The audience was filled with people playing with me on cowbells, tambourines, and boxes. It was an amazing experience.”

The uniqueness of Tony Brock is his multi-talented ever-thinking presence in the music industry. As a singer, songwriter, drummer, producer, and so much more, he continues to thrive while enjoying every minute of it. In talking with him, there is a mindfulness about him we all could learn to have a little of. When Brock speaks with you, he is present. The feeling of being the most important person in the room is evident. His mantra is simple, he treats others as he wants to be treated.

The rock star finds his motivation to keep playing and performing in his audience. He wants to deliver what makes people happy, what brings back memories, what makes memories.

Brock continues to perform with The Babys and is set to make an album with a new band, Close Enemies. (Nora Almazan/NowHabersham.com)

After three decades, in 2013, The Babys reformed with original members Brock and Wally Stocker (lead guitarist) adding lead vocalist John Bisaha, guitarist Joey Sykes, keyboardist Louis Middleton, and The Babettes – Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne.

In 2014, they released the album, “I’ll Have Some of That!”, a blend of the classic rock sound that made The Babys a household name with a modern signature that keeps fans wanting more. In January 2015, THE BABYS released their first official video to coincide with the single debut for “I See You There”, which peaked at #5 on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales and #6 on the AC Top 40 Chart.

“It’s wonderful to still be able to do that,” Brock remarked. “I thought I had hit the pinnacle of my career, but instead, I’ve gone to the next level.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Brock shared an up-and-coming project. He, Peter Stroud (guitarist with Sheryl Crow), Tom Hamilton (bassist for Aerosmith), Chasen Hampton (singer/songwriter), Gary Stier (lyricist and vocals), and Trace Foster (guitarist)  have put together a band named Close Enemies. They will be producing their first album in August – all original content. Of course, all of these multi-talented musicians will continue to perform with their original bands, including Tom Hamilton, who will tour with Aerosmith this year as well.

Between recording in his Demorest studio, touring with The Babys, and now Close Enemies, Tony Brock’s life seems extremely full at the age of 70. Even with such a full schedule, Brock finds time to enjoy his wife Jan and their dog Sweet Pea, garden, visit with neighbors, and settle into the richness of Northeast Georgia and all that rural life has to offer.

“I’d like to be remembered as someone good and honest. I want to make other people’s lives enjoyable. And I want to be remembered as a good father.”

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