Debating the Debate

Ahhhh…debating the debate. Trump said this…Clinton did this…sniffing, twitching, sneering, jeering, robotizing, growling…you name it. It’s been said over and over again – to ¬†ad nauseam.

I say that in a joking way; however, I do understand the seriousness of this election. The reality of it can be unnerving really – to think about the future – who WILL be the next president?

I listened intently Monday night to two candidates who I believe want what is best for our country. I mean, why else would they expose themselves to the ridicule, the name calling, the character crushing, the exaggerated lies while smiling and waving at television cameras. Trump and Clinton awoke Tuesday morning to be the most hated/loved people in the United States.

Exposure is never easy. Vulnerability makes even the boldest of the bold sweat from head-to-toe, tuck their tails, and run.

I applaud anyone who desires to serve our country in such a capacity. My grandmother used to say the toughest job on the planet was being a pastor and then being the president of the United States. I have to say I agree.

While your vote and my vote is important, it is but one vote. And while I may prefer one candidate and you the other, the reality is, you and I are but 2 votes. I say that because when I glanced at all the social media posts Tuesday morning, my heart hurt – hurt because there were attacks against one friend to another over who won/who was stupid/who lied/who will wreck the country/ and on and on and on.

Did you know the government rests on the shoulders of Jesus Christ? Written by Isaiah some 700 years before Christ was even born, the prophetic words in Chapter 9:6, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

And if I believe and you believe in Jesus Christ, do we have a reason to fear? Or worry? Or fret, stress, pull our hair out, feel abandoned? We dishonor Christ however when we fight against each other in cruel, judgmental ways.

Do not conform to society. Don’t allow the enemy to draw you in. Keep looking up. Know that HE knows. And if He knows, those who believe in Him will be good. I want to encourage you to respectfully discuss your favorite candidate. Make sure you vote that is your responsibility. And remember, it is far better to show the love of Christ than the hatred of politics. In these last few weeks before we step into the voting booth, be considerate of one another’s opinions and views. Whether you are a Trump fan, a Clinton fan, or a fan of someone else, remember why you have the freedom to vote, exercise that right, respectfully.


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