Red Cross assists two people displaced by fire in North Hall County

It was the third residential fire in the county on Sunday

The Red Cross is assisting two people displaced from their home by a fire Sunday in North Hall County. The fire broke out inside a single-wide trailer in the 500 block of Britt Whitmire Road.

A passerby saw the flames and called Hall County 911 around 7:45 p.m. on March 10.

“As the fire was being extinguished, personnel on scene received word from a neighbor stating there should be no one inside,” Hall County Fire Rescue Capt. Bobby Ogletree.

Firefighters conducted a primary search and confirmed there were no people inside. However, they did locate two dead dogs inside the residence.

This was the third residential fire in Hall County on Sunday. Two earlier fires injured a total of four people and left three pets dead.

Despite the busy day, Ogletree said, “The timing was such that it never spread us too thin.”

He said the fires were isolated incidents. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused them.


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