Patriot Day


I’m writing these words on 9-11-2018. Both my wife, Florine, and I recall the surprise attack for we were watching TV when the devilish attacks occurred.

It was a beautiful day and the towers looked great and strong in the bright sunlight. Then suddenly events interrupted a bright, lovely day that would in effect end one era of America’s national life and begin a new and different era. While later the enemies of all we hold dear received terrible blows due to their evil deeds we still face them today. It is the reason we cannot afford to have open borders, which only encourages enemies or allow the inflow of people whose beliefs are opposed to our freedom, beliefs and way of life.

“There are many names, guises and explanations but the truth is, good and evil exist in our world.” – Bob Justus

We also have troops fighting and dying today in far places where such evil is being spawned. In reality we can expect this war to continue. Somewhere this enemy, here at home and in many countries, will keep attacking all people who love peace and freedom. Thus our counterattacks should be instant and overwhelming to prevent the spread of such evil.

We do need strong borders! Enemies of freedom desire to undermine and defeat the United States which is considered the leader of freedom in the world. New comers must be checked carefully before allowing entry. If borders are open, hordes of enemies of freedom will pour in. Sometimes it is necessary to fight wars far from our shores in order to keep our homes safe here. There are many names, guises and explanations but the truth is, good and evil exist in our world.

We must seek the right principles to hold and defend but make sure the sacrifices are necessary and worthwhile.

We should always teach our young people what is true and right, as opposed to wrong and evil. We must elect leaders who puts the Constitution and our form of government first, not personal power or beliefs at odds with what we hold dear as free people.

Today we think of those sacrifices on what is now called Patriot Day, but from the beginning the path of freedom for our nation is paved in blood and sacrifice. Today, around the world many millions still live under harsh governments and restricted rights. Our nation is helping many countries to be free, either with funds and training, or in a few areas with armed troops. But today reminds us to be thankful for freedom and of the need for awareness, vigilance and strength to remain free.

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