Palmer may request a recount

District 1 Habersham County Commissioner Bruce Palmer, left, shares his views during Now Habersham's HABCO Primary Debate on May 9, 2024. (livestream image

With a runoff looming in Habersham County next month, the question now is who will be on the ballot.

As things currently stand following Tuesday’s primary, District 1 county commission candidates Eric Holbrooks and Kelly Woodall are set to face off at the polls on June 18. However, incumbent District 1 commissioner Bruce Palmer may challenge that.

Twenty votes separate Holbrooks and Palmer in the vote count from Tuesday’s GOP primary. Since that’s less than half a percentage point, Palmer says he may request a recount once the results are certified.

“I spoke with Eric Holbrooks. We agreed that basically anyone that close would consider a recount,” Palmer wrote on his campaign’s Facebook page. “I would like to thank him for understanding.”

Palmer added, “I’ve had many constituents ask me about a recount. That I should request not just a recount but a hand count. Not sure if I can request a hand recount or if it has to be done by machine. But they are absolutely correct in that it’s not just about me. It’s about them and the rest of the citizens of Habersham County.”

According to the unofficial election results, Holbrooks came in second in the three-person race, claiming 1,707 votes to Palmer’s 1,687 votes.

Kelly Woodall is assured a spot in the runoff after securing 2,098 votes in Tuesday’s GOP primary.

The deadline to certify the May 21 primary results is Tuesday, May 28.


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