Officials warn of asphalt paving scam targeting seniors

White County residents are being warned about a scam involving asphalt paving. White County Commissioner Edwin Nix issued a warning during this week’s county commission meeting.

Nix said he had heard of a couple of senior citizens who have been approached about doing paving work with asphalt left over from a job in the county.

Nix urged all residents to be on alert, “be careful, don’t be conned by these guys. They have no heart. They don’t care how they treat you or how they conduct business. So, if somebody comes and approaches anybody about pavement asphalt leftover from a county job or something like that, first of all, that shouldn’t be happening; they shouldn’t be selling that to nobody if it’s county property to start with,” said Nix.

The White County Sheriff’s Office is investigating at least two cases where seniors were bilked out of money by paving scammers. (Google maps)

White County Interim Manager Shanda Murphy said the scammers are working under the name R & M. She said they do quote a decent price upfront, but on the back end, they inflate the price. Their information has been turned over to the White County Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Gus Sesam attended Monday’s meeting and said they have two victims they are working cases on.  Chief Sesam said one of the victims was taken to the tune of $34,000.

The Sheriff Office will be working with the White County Senior Center to help get the word out to those most vulnerable for this scam.

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