NWS says no tornado in White County May 9

Debris from the storm was blown onto Hwy. 115 near Truett McConnell University in Cleveland. Emergency officials across the region spent the early morning hours repsponding to numerous reports of fires, downed trees and power lines. (Daniel Purcell/NowHabersham.com)

The National Weather Service has issued a statement regarding the May 9, 2024 storms that rolled through White County. The storms caused damage and resulted in numerous power outages.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Dave Nadler with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City reported to local officials Tuesday after reviewing radar and damage photos submitted by public safety officials. Much of the damage was centered along Highway 115 East between Duncan Bridge Road and Gerrells and Lotheridge Roads.

According to White County Public Safety Division Chief Don Strength, Nadler told them he believed the county experienced a “thunderstorm wind event.”

These radar images show the most intense cores as they crossed White County on May 9, 2024. The 4 panels show Reflectivity (upper left), Velocity (upper right), Correlation Coefficient — where debris signatures can be seen (lower left) and Rotational velocity (lower right). (Source: National Weather Service)

Nadler said radar velocities showed a fairly wide swath of 65+ MPH winds moving across the area. According to Nadler, there’s no definitive indication of a circulation/tornado but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a brief spin-up embedded within the broader severe wind swath.

“Wind velocities across Hwy 129 near Camp Coleman and Kellum Valley were even stronger, 70+ MPH aloft, as the storms hit that area first,” noted Nadler.


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