NGTC students given choice where, how to learn fall semester

NGTC security drives past yard signs encouraging use of face masks, hand washing, and social distancing.

North Georgia Technical College students are preparing for fall semester and it’s going to look different for a lot of them.

Classes start August 19 on the Clarkesville, Currahee, and Blairsville campuses. In response to ongoing public health and safety concerns over COVID-19, the college will offer a blended course schedule that includes a variety of course delivery methods.

Students will have the option to choose from online classes, face-to-face classes, or a virtual classroom option where the instructor will be teaching live on campus giving students the choice to attend in person or online from a distance. Each college class will offer some or all of these learning options, and students may choose their preference when registering for classes.

Courses requiring laboratory skills will be offered in person with a limited number of students at a time with social distancing measures enforced.

“NGTC is committed to providing a safe, clean, and protective environment for everyone on campus,” says Vice-President of Community and College Relations Amy Hulsey. “All three campuses now have new plexiglass shields installed in areas where students, faculty, and staff frequently interact face to face, as well as social distancing guidelines marked where appropriate throughout each campus.”

Additional prevention methods that have been incorporated include increasing the number of times that classrooms are cleaned and disinfected and providing students access to hand sanitizer in each classroom and common areas.

Signs of the time on NGTC’s Clarkesville campus.

Students are required to wear masks in classrooms and common areas throughout each campus, and reminders to wear masks, wash hands properly, and social distance six feet apart are marked throughout each campus as well.

Registration for the fall semester is now underway. The college will host a Virtual Advisement Day on July 9 that will be featured on the college website. Students are encouraged to enroll early to ensure class placement for their desired academic learning preference.

For more information about NGTC, visit or call 770-754-7700.

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