Negra honored with FOX Nation Patriot Award

Nearly eight decades ago, Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy and marked the beginning of the end of World War II. Veteran Andy Negra was one of the men in the momentous battle.

On Thursday night, Nov. 16, FOX Nation honored Negra with its “Salute to Service Patriot Award.” The ceremony was held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

Award-winning actor Dennis Quaid and FOX News’ Johnny “Joey” Jones presented Negra with the custom-crafted trophy.

“I represent all of the World War II veterans that are still alive, and for the other veterans out of the other wars, let me assure you, I represent you, too. That’s the Iraq and all the rest of them,” Negra said upon receiving his award.

Award-winning actor and newly named FOX Nation host Dennis Quaid presented the award to Negra, along with Staff Sergeant Johnny Joey Jones, a FOX News contributor. (Image courtesy FOX Nation)

From high school to Normandy

The 99-year-old veteran from White County recalled how, two weeks after high school, he was heading to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

“I learned real quick what service to the country meant. I learned new jobs I never knew work. I learned how to rely on my friends. I relied on everything around me to protect me,” he said.

Negra commemorated the 79th anniversary of D-Day this past June at the beaches in Normandy, along with more than 40 other veterans. He told AP at the time that he was the last living member of the 128th Armored Field Artillery.

“[The world is] a mess. I never thought that we fought so hard during World War II to find the country in a condition that it is today, but let me assure you, let me assure all of you — every time this country ever got into a problem, they solved it, so regardless of what’s going on now, we will break this badness and get back to the good,” he said.

FOX Nation is the subscriber streaming service companion to FOX News Channel. The service launched the Patriot Awards five years ago to honor everyday American heroes, including military veterans, first responders, and inspirational figures contributing to their communities.

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