How to Respond…

Every life matters…every life. Not just males or females. Not just athletic people or overweight people. Not just Christians or Muslims or Jews. And not just black or white or tan or brown. Every life matters.

The news is heavy with protesting and disagreement; criminal activity; justice and injustice. There are days that evil seems to reign and others when goodness shines through.

There is a fine line. A line when the protesting and the disagreements and the injustices become simply selfish ambition – a need to gain something, not for the good of the whole but for the good of self. Our Founding Fathers would be disappointed and confused by the mentality of today’s society.

I wouldn’t want to run for president, not in a million years. I wouldn’t want to be the governor of a state either. But I have tremendous respect for anyone who chooses to do so. I applaud Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I admire Gov. Deal. I may not agree with all they do, but I do respect them. Mainly because no matter what decision is made, someone is going to object; someone is going to be unhappy; and someone is going to protest. However, that is the beauty of democracy. That is what our men and women died to protect. That is the very essence of America.

Someone asked me recently “How do we respond to all that is going on here?”

Evil was around long before God separated the land and sky or gave oceans fish to house or monkeys trees to climb or man a garden in which to live. It is nothing new; and yet, it is ridiculously disturbing.

Divide and conquer. Since the days of Cain and Abel, men have been acting in ways which go against every aspect of God.  We just can’t seem to get it, and you’d think after so many generations and so many wars, and so many heart crushing scenarios, we would.

While prayer is my main weapon of choice, we have to stop pointing a finger for someone else to fix the issues, and start fixing ourselves. Starting with us – you and me. Until we are right with God, we can’t fight the evil which is invading our country, our school, our television, our music, our government, and our people. Until we understand who our neighbors are and how to love them, we can’t destroy the evil which slinks and slims its way into our society while we blindly stand by with little response.

Are there bad cops? You better believe it…but there are also amazingly courageous ones. Are there people who are criminal? Evil? You better believe it…but there are also amazingly beautiful ones too. Goodness comes in every color – and so does evil. The difficult part is knowing who plays what role in this tangled web.

We need to stop stereotyping…stop lumping people together as if what she does has to be what I do. We need to stop seeing color and see people. We need to stop blaming each other for the past; for the mistakes of history; for the hardships and learn to move forward in unison.

It all sounds like castles in the sky. I get it.

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