Habersham school superintendent barred from local college campus after heated exchange

Habersham County School Superintendent Matthew Cooper (Hadley Cottingham/Now Habersham)

Toccoa Falls College has barred Habersham County’s school superintendent from its campus. The college banned Matthew Cooper after he allegedly got into a heated exchange with staff over his wife’s grades.

Sources tell Now Habersham the confrontation occurred on May 9 and involved a female faculty member and Dean. Both were said to be very upset by the encounter.

Cooper tells Now Habersham that his wife asked him to attend the meeting with her to lend his support. He disputes claims circulating on social media that he was escorted off campus.

“Law enforcement did not interact with me while I was there. To my surprise, I was later informed by the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office that I was not welcome back on the college campus,” he says.

Cooper says it’s a personal matter and insists it does not reflect on his role as school superintendent.

“There are times, as superintendent, I have to step away and be a dad and husband. I was raised to stand up for family, and I will do that when necessary,” he says.

Cooper has served as the head of Habersham County Schools for eleven years. Regarding the Toccoa Falls College incident, he says he’ll let his reputation stand on its own.

Now Habersham has reached out to the college for comment. The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office has not responded to our open records request.

Toccoa Falls is a small private Christian College located in Stephens County. The school has  a student population of around 2,000 residential, online, and dual enrolled students.

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