Habersham Central High School graduation night guidelines, traffic plan

Habersham Central High School will be graduating more than 400 students Friday night. (Habersham Central High School Facebook)

Habersham Central High School is set to graduate over 480 students on Friday, May 24. The open-air ceremony will take place at Raider Stadium in Mt. Airy beginning at 8 p.m.

This year’s featured guest speaker is 1991 HCHS alum Dr. Aaron Scott, recipient of the 2024 Habersham Central High School Lifetime Achievement Award.

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In preparation for the big night, on Friday, the Habersham County School System released its graduation guidelines and traffic plans.

Dos and Don’ts

The school system is asking people to carpool to graduation and is warning those who plan to attend not to attempt to reserve seats ahead of time.

Balloons, drones, and umbrellas will not be permitted inside Raider Stadium. The school system suggests tying balloons to the fence where your student’s senior banner is located or leaving them in your vehicle.


Traffic flow before graduation will be free flowing, with law enforcement providing direction for graduate and visitor parking. Shuttles will be available to transport visitors to and from the high school parking lot and Raider Stadium.

Handicapped parking will be available at the Ninth Grade Academy in front of the main gate entrance to Raider Stadium.

After graduation, law enforcement will be directing traffic to ensure a constant flow and the fastest exit (see below diagram).

(Habersham County Schools)

Traffic coming out of the high school parking lot will be allowed to turn right or left out of the school onto Highway 197. Traffic turning left will be required to turn right onto Camp Creek Road at the four-way stop.

Traffic coming out of the front of the Ninth Grade Academy will have to turn left onto Highway 197.

Traffic coming out of the back parking lot at Ninth Grade Academy and the Touchdown Club parking lot near the tennis courts will have to turn left onto Owens Circle and then turn right at the end of Owens Circle onto Camp Creek Road.

School administrators say they’re looking forward to a safe and successful graduation event and extend their best to the graduates.

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