Georgia students again beat national SAT average

For the sixth year in a row, Georgia’s public school students have outperformed their peers in the nation’s public schools on the SAT. Georgia students recorded an average score of 1045, which is 42 points higher than the national average for public school students, set at 1003.

Breaking it down further, Georgia’s Class of 2023 earned an average score of 534 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) section and 511 on the math section. This compares favorably to the national averages of 510 and 493, respectively.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods expressed pride in Georgia’s students, attributing their success to the dedication of students, teachers, and supportive families. He also highlighted the state’s commitment to academic recovery and addressing any learning gaps.

While Georgia’s mean score did show a slight drop from 1052 in 2022 to 1045 in 2023, the national mean score saw a more significant decline, going from 1028 in 2022 to 1003 in 2023.

There hasn’t been a significant change in participation rates, with 50% of Georgia’s Class of 2023 taking the SAT at some point during high school, compared to 51% for the Class of 2022.

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