CrossFit Craze Hits Clarkesville

Ten years ago last weekend, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast. The anniversary means many things to people, but to Mark Sewell, it meant a new beginning. Sewell was deployed to the Gulf coast during the harrowing days and months after Katrina devastated hundreds of communities. Living conditions were rough and Sewell was bunked into a American Legion hall along with livestock. Determined to stay in shape despite his surroundings, Sewell learned of a new strength and conditioning program called Crossfit.

Crossfit began in 2000 with Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai. The program consisted of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting. Devotees used garages and other open rustic structures to house the minimal equipment and used the surrounding community for running trails and outdoor exercise. Crossfit’s variety where everyday the workout was different, appealed to Sewell and it worked well in the spartan living conditions.

The Sewell's spent months renovating the old Cary's Store building on the Clarkesville Square.
The Sewell’s spent months renovating the old Carey’s building on the Clarkesville Square.

Another feature of Crossfit is competition. Regional competitions are held as Sewell notes. “somewhere virtually every weekend.” In addition, ESPN has been broadcasting the “Superbowl” of Crossfit for the past three years. Sewell has been a competitor and a winner in many events.

Sewell is in law enforcement and has only 22 months left to retirement. He and his wife began looking for something to take them into their next chapter. Crossfit was a natural step. The former “Carey’s” building became available but the price was too much and the couple continued looking. Then the building came back onto his radar, the new owners put it up for lease on Monday and Sewell came and saw the space on Tuesday and signed the lease on the spot. It took Sewell three months to do the buildout and get the space ready. Even better, the business is in walking distance to his home.

Sewell says the variety appeals to most people, but the results are what keep Crossfit devotees coming back.

Workouts include a variety of different types of exercise.
Workouts include a variety of different types of exercise.

Come and join Sewell in the WOD (workout of the day). Sessions last an hour and currently there are sessions at 5:30am and 6:30 am. Another session runs at noon daily and then there is a 5:30 pm session. A new session designed for seniors is starting at 7:30 am.

For more information visit CrossFit754 online and visit their Facebook page or call 706-754-1307.

Getting Fit the CrossFit Way

CrossFit 754

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