Crime rate down in Athens-Clarke County

Crime was slightly down in the Classic City in 2023. Statistics released by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department (ACCPD) show the city’s overall crime rate was down 2% from 2022. The ACCPD reports that the rate decreased for crimes against persons, crimes against property, and crimes against society.

“The dedication and high productivity of our employees, from the Records Unit and the Detective Bureau to the Patrol Officers and Crime Prevention Officers, continues to raise the profile and reach of our department,” stated ACCPD Chief Jerry Saulters. “I’m proud of their work and the difference they are making in the Athens-Clarke County community.”

According to an ACCPD news release, there were no significant increases in any category. However, the report shows that simple assaults are down 2.5%, and assault by intimidation is down significantly by 11.5%. The department says these decreases are a result of their proactive approach to preventing crime.

Forty-three people were shot in Athens in 2023, with nine of those shootings resulting in murder charges, according to the police department’s transparency hub.

Other crimes down, but drunk driving is up

The report also shows that burglaries are down 31.1%, and entering autos are down 12.6%. The ACCPD says that these decreases are a result of their efforts to use predictive modeling and distribute resources where they are most needed.

The ACCPD reports that Driving Under the Influence is up 10.8%, Drunkenness is up 112%, and Liquor Laws Violations are up 200%. The ACCPD says that these increases are a concern, and they are working to address these issues.

In other categories, aggravated assaults have decreased by approximately 10% since 2021. Burglaries have decreased by approximately 57% since 2019, and motor vehicle theft has decreased by approximately 39% since 2021.

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