Caring for your fur babies during fireworks and heat

With summer heat, never leave your pet in a parked automobile. (Habersham County Animal Care & Control Facebook)

While fireworks are beautiful and fun to watch for us, for dogs and cats they can cause anxiety and even harm.

Madi Nix, Director of Habersham County Animal Care and Control, said to make sure your pets have proper identification. If your dog runs off from fear over fireworks, proper identification will help your pet to be located. Currently at the Habersham County Animal Shelter, through a grant from Petco, the shelter is doing free microchipping. You can get an appointment through Facebook or by calling (706)-839-0195. If your pet already has a microchip but the information needs to be updated, the shelter can help.

“Fireworks can be very frightening to your pet. Crating them is a good idea or properly securing them in your yard. There are medications that your veterinarian can give them to help ease the anxiety,” Nix recommended.

Sometimes, fireworks are unexpected. Your neighbors may use them unknown to you. Nix advised pet owners to prepare for the day before, of, and after the 4th of July.

The shelter is almost at maximum capacity with over 200 kittens alone. Nix asks that the community take the necessary precautions to keep dogs and cats safe during this holiday.

Heat is also a factor for pets during the summer months. “Many people do not realize, but the plastic doghouse, if not in the shade, can be similar to shutting your dog up in a hot car,” Nix said. “For dogs that live outside, make sure they have plenty of cold, clean water. A kiddie pool is also a good idea.”

There has been a rise in our area of people leaving their animals in parked automobiles. Nix said, “Even if the windows are halfway down, it doesn’t make too much of a difference. If you take your pet in the car, make sure your destination is pet-friendly. It is just not safe to leave your pet in your car.”

Putting these safety tips into place can assure your pet’s well-being during hot summer days and fireworks celebrations.

Be sure to check out Habersham County Animal Care & Control’s Facebook page. There are many pets available for adoption.

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