Another rose for our Green Thumb Gardening contest winner

Alchemist climbing roses grown by Gladys Croy. (Photo submitted by Ashley Weems)

The winning entry for our Green Thumb Gardening contest didn’t come from the lady who grew the roses but rather her granddaughter. Gladys Croy is a 75-year-old flower gardener and doesn’t use social media or a computer. But her granddaughter, Ashley Weems does and entered the picture on her behalf.

“Since I was a little kid, I remember picking flowers and playing in her flower garden,” Ashley told us.

Gladys Croy is the winner of the contest. (Photo submitted by her granddaughter, Ashley Weems)

The picture she submitted was actually taken in 2017, submitted to Better Homes and Garden, and they featured it in their magazine.

The roses are still there and blooming prolifically.

Her grandmother recently fell and broke her shoulder and is not able to work in her flower garden at the time but Ashley and a few friends help when they can.

“I asked her what she was going to do since she can’t work in her garden and my grandmother said she would just sit on her porch and look at the flowers.”

Sounds like a great plan to us Mrs. Croy and you can add a new Knockout rose to your garden. Enjoy your view!

As always, many thanks to Lowe’s in Cornelia for sponsoring our Green Thumb Gardening contest, and thanks to all of you who posted your rose pictures for all of our readers to enjoy. Here is a view of some of our finalists. Stay tuned next month for another chance to win!

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