Adopt-A-Pet: Nancy Drew and Lilly

Pet’s personalities are a big part of what makes them such important parts of our families, and the Habersham County Animal Shelter is full of adorable animals with stories, their own attitudes, likes, dislikes and everything else that makes them unique.

This week, Now Habersham would like to introduce you to two sweet girls, Nancy Drew the cat and Lilly the Dog, who have big personalities themselves.

Meet Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew has a mystery to solve, and it’s why she hasn’t been adopted yet.

Nancy is a beautiful adult female cat, who is friendly, sweet and has the most gorgeous eyes and coat. She was number 40 of the cat hoarding case in Clarkesville, where Habersham County Animal Care and Control reduced around 150 cats.

“I’m good with other cats, and I love people,” she says. “My ideal home has lots of new places to climb in and around, and new places to explore.”

(Hadley Cottingham/Now Habersham)

Nancy isn’t shy at all. She loves to meet new people and greet them as they walk into the shelter’s cat room, and likes to climb up to be eye-level with new friends.

“I have a lot of purr-sonality,” she says. “My future family will get a lot of love, and definitely some great stories, from bringing me home.”

Meet Lilly

Lilly is a friendly, energetic dog who would love to have a family to call her own. She’s learning how to sit and stay, and is thrilled about the idea of having a human, or humans, all to herself.

“I’m not the kind of dog who wants to share,” she says. “I love big and I love hard, and I really like being the center of attention. If I could be an only puppy, that would make me super happy.”

Lilly is learning new tricks and her manners, and while she might need some help learning, her winning smile doesn’t need a bit of training. (Hadley Cottingham/Now Habersham)

Lilly would love to have a place to run around and play, too. She loves to run outside and smell new smells, no matter the weather.

“I hope my forever home has a yard I can run in with a person who likes to play,” she says. “And when we’re all worn out, we can nap together in our warm, safe home.”

If you’re interested in adopting Nancy Drew, Lilly or any of the other animals at the Habersham County Animal Shelter, please call the shelter at (706) 839-0195 to set up an appointment. You may also visit them in person Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to Noon & 1-5 p.m. or on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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