When There are No Answers

As a community continues to mourn the loss of Dr. Terry Greene, I find myself focusing on the journey ahead – a journey I know all too well.  Sadness will creep in and out as the reality settles in. Hearts will feel a heaviness that only grief can bring. Regrets will seek to overwhelm. Whys and what ifs will cloud the mind. Questions will be asked, but few will be answered. The realization of our own vulnerability will sink in as we imagine the unimaginable.

Many feel that there is no worse time to suffer loss or grief than at Christmas. While so many celebrate with the ones they love, others ache from loneliness and long to relive Christmases of the past with those they have lost. The emptiness seems a little more intense as you set one less place at the table, buy one less gift and hang one less stocking. Yet, Christmas, like no other time, reminds us of the hope we so desperately need. Christmas reminds us that there is healing for the most broken heart.

Because of a baby born so long ago, we can cling to the promise that a time will come when Christians will grieve no more and all pain will be gone. At this time of year, we are reminded that a Savior was born to bring us peace and assurance. He is our answer when there are no answers. He is our strength and help in times of trouble. He, like no other, can bring comfort and guide us through the darkness.

Because of Christmas, you are never alone. Your pain, sorrow, and despair matters to the One that matters most. When sadness overwhelms you, cry out to Him. If the pain seems too intense to bear, call upon the One that can provide a peace that passes all understanding. When doubts and questions cloud your mind, reach out to the Savior who promises to work together ALL things for our good.

That baby born so long ago is waiting for you. Seek Him. Lay your burdens at His feet and find rest in the King of Kings.

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