The color of birds

We finally saw a Golden Crowned Kinglet as it flew across the Clarkesville Greenway. (Photo by Craig Taylor)

A few weeks ago, Bob and I walked the Greenway in Clarkesville, binoculars in hand, hoping to see a few new birds. We actually saw three, which put our life list over 100 for 2020. That was exciting enough, but two of the birds had bright yellow spots. That was the biggest win for the day.

The yellow markings on the White-throated Sparrow helped us spot it while walking at the Greenway. (Photo by Craig Taylor)

Birds with bright yellow, except for Goldfinches, have mostly eluded us. They seem to like to stay deep in the brush. When they fly out, they dart from one area of brush to another, disappearing quickly out of sight. For us to see two birds with yellow markings long enough to be able to identify them was amazing. We were actually giddy with excitement. It’s a birding thing.


The Yellow-rumped Warbler and the Yellow-throated Warbler are two more birds that vividly show their colors. (Photos by Craig Taylor)

I’ve thought about that experience ever since. Those birds brought us joy by bringing a color we don’t usually see. It’s made me ponder how people bring color into my life in ways that bring me joy.

I’ve thought about the people who bring humor into my life, sometimes at my own expense, but are always good for a laugh. They remind me not to take things to seriously.

I’ve thought about the people who bring support and encouragement into my life. They take time remind me why I do the things I do and that they see value in those things and in me.

I’ve thought about the people who bring the gift of service into my life. They constantly step up when they see a need to show they care for me.

I’ve thought about the people who bring true friendship into my life. They have shown me such love, even when I have disappointed them.

My life is full of color . . . color that stills excites me to the point of giddiness. I am so blessed.

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