Teaching spiritual survival strategies

HCLC has created safe classroom space for students and teachers during COVID-19. (Photo by HCLC)

Habersham Christian Learning Center (HCLC) is teaching Survival Strategies this semester. The course focuses on how to survive in life from a Christian perspective. According to HCLC teacher David Colston, one of the major units for this semester focuses on how to have and build a personal relationship with God.

To engage students in this unit, Colston uses Dr. Frank Barker’s article “Back to God.” Barker’s article explains how one can begin a relationship with God through stories and relatable examples. Students read the article, rewrite it in their own words, and then discuss it in class. Through their discussion, students will examine how to do this by turning from one’s own way to God’s way (repentance) and trusting Him with his or her life. They’ll also discuss Barker’s explanation that this cannot be accomplished through works or good deeds, but only by grace that one can have a relationship with God.

The survival course teaches students how to study the Bible to find life answers.

The course progresses from how to begin a relationship with God to how to build that relationship by getting to know God from scripture. Students will examine five ways to take in God’s Word (hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating), and discover practical, hands-on ways to do each. The course also helps students consider how to develop a daily prayer life and examine what it means to worship God.

Colston uses various methods to engage students in the learning process. He says, “One of my favorite things to do with students is to give them the opportunity to write a letter to God. This is basically an opportunity for them to write out on paper their prayers. Ultimately, it is HCLC’s desire is to show students different ways that someone can build a relationship with God by spending time alone with Him.”

In teaching, Colston has discovered that people sometimes feel like they have drifted so far from God that He would never have anything to do with them. Colton emphasizes, “That is just not true . . . you can be a thousand steps away from God, but it is always only 1 step back.”

The Habersham Christian Learning Center works in partnership with Habersham high schools. (Photo by Jenna Shaw)

Habersham Christian Learning Center is a non-denominational, non-profit, community-based educational service organization. HCLC teaches Christian ethics, morals, and values to high school students during their school day by sharing God’s truths in love for passion and purpose throughout life. No tax money is used to fund the released-time program. Classes are offered free of charge to students. Operational funds come from churches, individuals, businesses, civic clubs, and United Way.

Thanks to David Colston for his help in this article. Most of the words belong to him.

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