Supt. Cooper: Brighter days are coming

Habersham County School Superintendent Matthew Cooper

May 22nd, which is the official last day of school for students in Habersham County’s quality public school system, marks Day 44 of our “Learning from Home” and food plans.¬†Over the last 44 days I have watched our nutrition workers, bus drivers, teachers, administrators, and other system staff become true heroes in our community. Our nutrition workers, bus drivers, social workers, school resource officers, and other staff provided thousands of meals to needy boys and girls in Habersham County. Amazingly, these dedicated employees did it all with a positive attitude and a smile.

Our teachers and school administrators literally re-wrote the playbook on instruction through our system’s “learning from home” plan. While the plan was not perfect it was a quality concerted effort by hundreds of people who love our students. Although the plan was not without limitations, it was implemented with creativity and tenacity. As superintendent, I want to applaud our system employees who made the last 44 days as good as they could be for our students and community. In addition, I want to thank our thousands of parents who were understanding and cooperative during these unprecedented and challenging times. Our parents here in Habersham County are always reasonable and support our schools at an exceptional level. The way our parents handled “learning from home” over the past 44 days was no different. I also want to point out that the level of support we received from our school board, the media, local government, and our community at-large helped our team accomplish our mission of “Success for All Students” over the last 44 days.

And now we turn our full attention to the Class of 2020. As we celebrate the last day of school today we also honor our graduates of Habersham Central High School and Habersham Success Academy. We remain fully committed to have a real graduation ceremony on July 31st.

I ask that our community continue to pray for our students and staff as we enter the summer season. I wish our students and their families a happy and healthy Summer of 2020. I believe that good things are going to happen in Habersham County over the next two months. Brighter days are coming soon. I look forward to seeing our graduates on July 31st!

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