Snow on Scenic Highway 197

The scenery along Highway 197 north of Clarkesville was breath-taking on Sunday. (Margie Williamson/Now Habersham)

We discovered Highway 197 when we were looking for land to relocate up here. We fell in love with the highway and the area, even if it took us about 18 years before we were finally ready to build.

Highway 197 is special. It was listed in 2015 as one of the top 50 most scenic roads in America, and the most scenic in Georgia. It’s got tight curves, beautiful views of the Soque River, rich forest lands and beautiful farm and ranch fields.

Highway 197 began as a road moonshiners used to transport their goods. Today, it serves as the pathway for trout fishing on the Soque, a self-guided art tour for local arts and crafts, and the entrance way to the north Georgia mountains.

And, Highway 197 has an abundance of wildlife along its miles. At any given time, you can see deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, and even bear, along with an abundance of birds.

However, this past weekend may have even topped all that as the area received 2-4 inches of snow. We got out about 10 am Sunday and, on the way to church, we took photos along the way. By the time worship was over, most of the snow was gone. But the views that morning were incredible.

Enjoy this tour of Highway 197 in all its glory!

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