On the wings of eagles

The American Bald Eagle has a wingspan from 6.9 to 7.5 feet. (Photo by Craig Taylor)

The shadow of something large flying over the deck grabbed my attention. The bird was huge, and when it circled around and flew back within 20 feet of me, I could clearly see his markings––an American Bald Eagle. I’ve seen a Bald Eagle fly over our house once before but he was so far away that I could barely tell it was an eagle. But this one was so close that it was something to celebrate.

That was on Wednesday, the day before Zeta rolled through Clarkesville and our area of the mountains. By 6 am on Thursday, I was huddled downstairs with a cup of coffee that I had gotten made just before the power went out. I huddled next to a lit candle, worrying about losing touch with the outside world since my cell phone had not charged overnight. As I listened to the howling winds outside, a song kept running through my mind. The lyrics come from Isaiah 40:31: They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk, and not faint. I learned the song from the King James Version over forty years ago and it ended with the words, Teach me Lord, to wait.

I did a lot of waiting that morning and actually through the next days. The power didn’t come on until late Saturday. I happened to be home alone during that time. And that song continued to run through my head . . . teach me Lord to wait.

An American Bald Eagle can fly between 75 and 99 miles an hour. (Photo by Craig Taylor)

The sighting of the eagle possibly was a divine appointment. Being reminded of that verse of scripture kept me calm during the storm. Several times, I actually left my place of safety and went out on the front porch to watch the storm. It was amazing to see the force of the winds.

Being reminded that my hope was in Christ alone helped me wait out the storm and wait for the power. I spent some of the time in prayer and contemplation. I read a lot with a flashlight and I survived without my computer or my phone for days.

Being reminded of the strength of the eagle as he flew over helped me remember that I am stronger than I usually give myself credit for.

There is strength found in waiting. . . Lord, teach me to wait.

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