Nix Hardware owners announce their retirements

(Cleveland)- An iconic business on the square in downtown Cleveland will soon be closing as the two owners have decided it’s time to retire.  Bradley Greene and Charlie Thomas, owners of Nix Hardware and Furniture have made it public they want to do something else.

Greene says it was a hard decision to make, but things have been changing in the business and during the past year it has been difficult to acquire merchandise.

Green has been there for 46 years and Thomas 40 years.

Bradley Greene (left) and Charlie Thomas

Nix Hardware was established in 1945 by the late J.L. Nix,  and Charlie and Bradley took over the business in 2000. The two say they are in no hurry to close the doors and they have no plans for the building at this time.

Greene said he hates to see it come to an end.  “I’m really going to miss all the people that we have dealt with over the years, all the friends that we have that come by and see us check on us, all our loyal customers, I hate to see that change,” said Greene  Nix Hardware is more than just a business that offers customers items from pocket knives to chain saws to refrigerators to couches and many people come by sit in the rocking chairs and talk about and solve all the local and world problems.

Charlie Thomas says not opening up the store each morning, it’s something he will have to get used to, ” I think it’s going to be a big change for me after coming here for 40 years. It’s kinda sad but in another way excited about the future too, ” commented Thomas.

Both Thomas and Greene are not only involved in the community with their business, Greene, is a Cleveland City Council member and Thomas serves on the White County Board of Education.

Thomas said they would really like to see something really good for the square come in and occupy the building.

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