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I’m a single mother of 4 and we are having the hardest time of our lives right now. I don’t like having to ask for help cause I know this is my responsibility  but due to a down fall of bad luck I have no other choice. I don’t want to sound to needy but I’m just going to list everything that’s went wrong for us and if anyone out there can help I would be forever in your debt!!!!!!

OK so within the last two months I have lost my job and that has caused me to get behind on rent power and water I also have zero money for shoes bookbags clothes or school supplies and Thursday is there 1st day back the reason my job situation went south is due to my van breaking down and I can’t afford to fix it. So cheap free parts would be a blessing. I think I have someone who will do the labor for me if so. And to top that off our dog was running in the yard with my son and some how hurt his leg really bad and I haven’t found a vet that would work with me so the poor baby has been hurt for a week now and he needs a doctor to look at him and a x-ray.so long story short I’m grabbing at straws here praying for  this cloud to move past us so if all u could do to help is pray for my family that would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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