Below is the list of needs submitted by people in our community…

If you see a need you are able and willing to meet, click on the screen name of the person who submitted it. You’ll be directed to a form to provide your contact information.

If you can’t meet any of these needs, please share them with individuals, businesses, churches or civic groups who can. Together let’s help our neighbors in need.

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    125877 -


    Hi. I am a widowed mother looking for a home to rent in the Fairview school district; however, I am currently unemployed. My daughter gets a monthly survivors benefit payment. I have signed up for affordable housing.  However, today I received a letter stating that my application is now inactive. I needed to get 3 referrals and both my pastor and doctor told me they would be happy to give me one. I tried to get the 3rd one but I just didn’t know anyone else. I called the housing authority and they said that they could probably get the information they needed from the two.  But I found out today that my doctor never sent hers in. Now I must start over fresh and lose my place on the list. Also, I’m living with my mother-in-law while waiting for an apartment to become available.  I don’t know how much longer I will be able to live here as she got angry with me tonight because I was throwing away little odds and ends of toys that belong to my daughter even though my daughter was telling me that she didn’t want them.  My mother-in-law told me that I needed to pack my bags and go but I don’t have any where else to go.  Plus, my child and I have only lived here 2 weeks! Please if you or someone you know has anything available please contact me. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my need. Bless you. I know God will never forsake me or my daughter.

    125251 -


    I’m a single mother of 4 and we are having the hardest time of our lives right now. I don’t like having to ask for help cause I know this is my responsibility  but due to a down fall of bad luck I have no other choice. I don’t want to sound to needy but I’m just going to list everything that’s went wrong for us and if anyone out there can help I would be forever in your debt!!!!!!

    OK so within the last two months I have lost my job and that has caused me to get behind on rent power and water I also have zero money for shoes bookbags clothes or school supplies and Thursday is there 1st day back the reason my job situation went south is due to my van breaking down and I can’t afford to fix it. So cheap free parts would be a blessing. I think I have someone who will do the labor for me if so. And to top that off our dog was running in the yard with my son and some how hurt his leg really bad and I haven’t found a vet that would work with me so the poor baby has been hurt for a week now and he needs a doctor to look at him and a long story short I’m grabbing at straws here praying for  this cloud to move past us so if all u could do to help is pray for my family that would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

    124111 -


    I need a washing machine. Until now I have been going to the laundry mat, but when my dad’s car broke down I gave him my truck. So that’s no longer an option for me.

    121077 -

    Rogers Family

    My dad was in a horrific accident where he fell out of his bucket truck as he was driving and it ran him over. He was in ICU for 6 weeks and in the hospital from 3/28-5/4 and will have a long road to recovery with more surgeries possible. My mom is out of work as his caretaker and they are in need of food, house hold/sanitary items, or any monetary donation no matter how small will help. They would never want to ask for help because they have always enjoyed doing for others. I am humbly asking for your help. If you are not able to give, please keep the family in your prayers. Thank you in advance.

    119831 -


    My family of 5 need a place to rent that is affordable and I need a day time job so I can help my husband with bills

    119630 -


    Im needing a tooth pulled, Im a single disabled dad of two children.

    Anything will help!

    Thanks and have a blessed day

    119531 -


    This request is for a single mom who has overcome so much hardship in her life. She has finally found a job that allows her to share her passion for others. However, she is without a vehicle and really needs one. I would love for her to receive help in purchasing a reliable vehicle so she can care for her daughter and  continue to work helping others.

    119299 -


    Hi this is for my friend. He does not know I’m doing this for him be ’cause he never asks anyone for anything. He is always helping everyone with anything he can, but never asking for anyone to help him and he really needs it.

    Right now see he has cataracts and is completely blind in his right eye from them and almost blind in his left eye. He can’t work his construction job any more ’cause it’s too dangerous since he almost stepped off of a roof. He can not afford the surgery he needs in order to see.

    I have applied for help everywhere for him but no one seems to help the people in the United States that really need help. He has no way to make a living right now due to his blindness. Please, please help him so he can live his life like he needs to and be able to live a happy life instead of one that he’s always wondering how he’s gonna pay his rent, power and put food on the table again. Please help him. He’s 50 years old and a wonderful man. Please. He really deserves it.

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