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    143773 -


    In need of a job cleaning etc

    130857 -


    1. My brothers home burned down last night.
    2. They need your prayers please.

    130846 -



    I’m in need of groceries for me and my three children. Meats, canned goods, fresh vegetables, juices and fruit.

    130005 -

    A Home For My Babies

    Hey everyone. I am a mother with 5 amazing kids. 3 step children. 2 live with there mother but are here as much as possible.  The youngest is the MAIN reason I’m writing this. My 2 year old daughter Honest has Autism  and goes to a special school. She is always in and out of the doctor, She has to be seen by a neurologist because her soft spot is still not closed and is causing problems with her head now, and now thinks she may have Scoliosis now.

    Things are getting so much harder and I pray everyday for God to take care of it and I’m not good with patience but Honest is helping with that.

    Honest does receive SSI now so I don’t want anyone to think oh how is she going to pay with no money. I do now. I just need some help getting started. I know my God will take care of us in his time and at his will, I also know he has Angels here on Earth that help him. I should know from Christmas 😇.

    We currently live with my 64 year old mother and 91year old grandmother and in a trailer. I am busting my tail to find work but with her having so many appointments and things like that and with no car of my own,it’s hard for me to keep a full time job. The doc have said it is a very important part that Honest had her own space because it plays a big part in her being “ok”. Her and I now sleep in the living room. My other daughters have a room.

    There is a lot more to my story, so if you have it in your heart to stop and read about us thank you. What I am dreaming of is help to get a home or a car. I don’t  want to worry about if the baby is going to make her appointment or if she’ll be able to go to school. She very well may have to have surgery soon and my mom’s home really is not set up for that type of thing. I wish for them to have there own space, for the baby to be able to be free in her home and not have to stay out of rooms (like all) can feel that she has something of her own and it’s not going to get taken from her like her only home she knew before here.

    So please, if you can, Help me to get my baby’s a house to call a home. Jaden-15, Grace-11, Honest-2 and I will be grateful for you to have just read about my family if you don’t feel it in your heart to help or you can’t.

    Thank you and God bless, Lauren

    129775 -


    I’m a single mom and I desperately need help getting an alternator for my car. I just got offered a great job and I’m supposed to start January 4th but I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to get to work. Any help is appreciated.

    129711 -


    I am in need of a vehicle my husband can’t work till we get a car because of the work he does and we need a vehicle as soon as we can so we can get back on our feet if anyone can help we would appreciate it thank you

    129696 -


    My son is severely autistic and non verbal, sadly he broke his iPad this year which helps him communicate. I can’t afford to replace it but I’m hopeful something will come along!

    129689 -


    This need has been met. Thanks to all who gave!

    Our family is in desperate of food. We would love a ham to prepare for Christmas dinner. We expierenced a unforseen circumstance when our only vehicle tore up and what money was left over after bills, went to fix the car and after that their was little money to buy food with.  Have three little girls. We are also in need of gas to get back and forth to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas

    129681 -


    We have had a rough last few months with the car, HVAC, Stove, Fridge, vacuum and microwave going out, not to mention the water heater and the rotten floor from the leaks. We really need a car to get John who has end-stage liver disease back and forth to the doctor. We don’t want anything fancy just something he can get in and out of (he has a hard time getting up and down) and that I can drive.  We just can’t afford anything (or even the downpayment) with his SS and I am his full-time caregiver. We have replaced the water heater (thanks to a great husband and wife who installed it for us), fixed the HVAC, bought a stove, vacuum and microwave and the floor well it WILL last till after the first of the year so I can work on it. Thanks for the thoughts

    129593 -


    This need has been met. Thanks to all who gave! 

    I am a single parent of 3 children. I’m in need of groceries like canned goods, fresh vegetables, and meats. Thank you for considering our needs!

    129592 -


    This need has been met. Thanks to all who gave!

    My name is Lauren I have so amazing kids. Honest she’s 2 years old, Grace that’s 11 Jaden that’s 15 and Zander and Kylin but they live with their mom. Zander is 11 and Kylin is 6.

    Long story short, Honest has just been diagnosed with autism I’ve been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. With Honest’s autism being so severe I haven’t been able to work. Once I got her into school I was able to until I found out I have rheumatoid arthritis.

    What I am dreaming of and wishing for and praying for is, first and foremost, happiness for my family second I need help with Christmas bad.

    We live with my mom because I have no house I have no car. I really need a job badly I’m able to work now because Honest is in school. I hate asking for help but I kind of learned that it’s okay to ask for help. So I’m asking for some help with Christmas,maybe a car.

    If I had to choose 1 thing it would be able to give Honest a home where it works for her special needs. Basically to help me get back on my feet, and maybe a little help with Christmas. Thank you for stopping to read what is so hard for me to do…is ask for help. Thank you,and even if we receive prayers we will be very, very greatfull because ultimately I know God will take care of us. God bless and Happy Holidays  Thank you

    Honest- age 2, 24m-2t shoe 6 loves to color loves to throw a ball and plays with her baby doll at school( she trys to take it home because she doesn’t have one. She love to put it night night) she doesn’t really talk but she signs and loves loves music

    Grace- age 11, wears 14-16girls,s-m top,6 1/2-7  shoe and loves make up slime and music

    Jaden- age 15, wears 2-4 women’s,s-m top 6-61/2 shoe,loves loves loves make up, music loves decorating

    Kylin-age 6, wears 5t-6t,s top,8 shoe loves high heels,coloring, and slime

    Zander-age 12, wears 12-14 boys,9 shoe,m-l tops, loves Xbox, boy scouts, and is dreams of being able to get a box bike

    I feel like I am being selfish and greedy by all that I have said,I hope I haven’t. Again thank you for stopping to read

    129037 -

    Gayle Meagher

    My grandson Logan Meagher has been chosen to represent HCHS and the State of Georgia, as a delegate to the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. This takes place at the end if June and beginning of July in Boston, MA. I do not want Logan to miss this opportunity to go and meet some of mentors they will have attending the ceremony. He will get to meet some of the Worlds leaders in Science and Technology. Including Nobel Prize Winner’s for Physics. Unfortunately Irma did terrible damage to their home and they just got back into it, though they are still waiting for the windows, and a few other things. This program is almost $1600.00 and we just don’t have it. We started a go fund me pay but with the holidays, nothing is really happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He has to have it paid in full by January 23rd I believe.

    128544 -


    This need has been met. Thanks to all who gave!

    A little boy needs something to open on Christmas morning. He loves Pokemon and super hero’s

    127658 -


    Urgent:  53-year old male in immediate need of room-for-rent temporarily.  Home destroyed by fire.   No criminal history.  Clean. Steady income.

    125877 -


    Hi. I am a widowed mother looking for a home to rent in the Fairview school district; however, I am currently unemployed. My daughter gets a monthly survivors benefit payment. I have signed up for affordable housing.  However, today I received a letter stating that my application is now inactive. I needed to get 3 referrals and both my pastor and doctor told me they would be happy to give me one. I tried to get the 3rd one but I just didn’t know anyone else. I called the housing authority and they said that they could probably get the information they needed from the two.  But I found out today that my doctor never sent hers in. Now I must start over fresh and lose my place on the list. Also, I’m living with my mother-in-law while waiting for an apartment to become available.  I don’t know how much longer I will be able to live here as she got angry with me tonight because I was throwing away little odds and ends of toys that belong to my daughter even though my daughter was telling me that she didn’t want them.  My mother-in-law told me that I needed to pack my bags and go but I don’t have any where else to go.  Plus, my child and I have only lived here 2 weeks! Please if you or someone you know has anything available please contact me. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my need. Bless you. I know God will never forsake me or my daughter.

    125251 -


    I’m a single mother of 4 and we are having the hardest time of our lives right now. I don’t like having to ask for help cause I know this is my responsibility  but due to a down fall of bad luck I have no other choice. I don’t want to sound to needy but I’m just going to list everything that’s went wrong for us and if anyone out there can help I would be forever in your debt!!!!!!

    OK so within the last two months I have lost my job and that has caused me to get behind on rent power and water I also have zero money for shoes bookbags clothes or school supplies and Thursday is there 1st day back the reason my job situation went south is due to my van breaking down and I can’t afford to fix it. So cheap free parts would be a blessing. I think I have someone who will do the labor for me if so. And to top that off our dog was running in the yard with my son and some how hurt his leg really bad and I haven’t found a vet that would work with me so the poor baby has been hurt for a week now and he needs a doctor to look at him and a long story short I’m grabbing at straws here praying for  this cloud to move past us so if all u could do to help is pray for my family that would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

    124111 -


    I need a washing machine. Until now I have been going to the laundry mat, but when my dad’s car broke down I gave him my truck. So that’s no longer an option for me.

    121077 -

    Rogers Family

    My dad was in a horrific accident where he fell out of his bucket truck as he was driving and it ran him over. He was in ICU for 6 weeks and in the hospital from 3/28-5/4 and will have a long road to recovery with more surgeries possible. My mom is out of work as his caretaker and they are in need of food, house hold/sanitary items, or any monetary donation no matter how small will help. They would never want to ask for help because they have always enjoyed doing for others. I am humbly asking for your help. If you are not able to give, please keep the family in your prayers. Thank you in advance.

    119831 -


    My family of 5 need a place to rent that is affordable and I need a day time job so I can help my husband with bills

    119630 -


    Im needing a tooth pulled, Im a single disabled dad of two children.

    Anything will help!

    Thanks and have a blessed day

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