Meteor outburst possible tonight

WHAT: Back in 1995 Comet Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 exploded sending debris flying off into space. That debris may come in contact with out planet tonight. The exact chances are unknown but two independent research teams believe the thick debris stream may have been ejected right into our orbit. If that is the case a significant outburst of meteors could happen for a couple hours tonight. Rates could be over 1000 per hour for a brief period if everything lines up, or they could be zero.

WHERE: The radiant for the shower will be near Arcturus, a red star high in the SW sky at 1AM. It is located in the constellation Bootes. As usual for a meteor shower, though, the meteors could occur everywhere across the sky.

WHEN: The time to look up will be from 12-2AM tonight. The estimated time of impact is right around 1AM so an hour either side of that should be sufficient if anything happens. We have a very good idea of where the debris stream will be if it is going to impact the planet.



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